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I'm back from my interview...

As Laura's world turns...Smiley LOL


The pharmacy actually gives the managers a script of questions to read off of.  It's juvenile stuff that, if it's your first foray into job adulthood, you'd sweat through. As a midlife adult, child please, came to mind quite a bit.  


I feel like I nailed it as I got a couple oohs and ahhs when the manager and assistant manager asked me to name examples about going out of my way for a customer or how you resolve a conflict.  Yep, it's called professionalism in spades, peeps, along with mad customer service skills.  


To be honest, I know they deal with kids usually and I am way overqualified in terms of service skills.  I was shocked there wasn't more about are you competent as a tech?  Education, training?  Can I see your licenses?   Nothing.  They just want bodies to help.  Didn't even mention my certification.  In fact they are going to put me through training that sounded a lot like my certification paperwork.  Been there, paid for it, already have it.


I'm kind of shocked the other applications haven't resulted in calls if they are this desperate.  This location is also kind of far and not really where I want to be.  I went only because this is where my coworker's wife called in to recommend me because she knew the new store manager.  I wanted to appreciate her gesture so I took the interview and the fact that I was rapidly becoming unemployed.


So here's your question of the day because I can't do a thread without it. Smiley Happy


Actually found out this morning that I may be getting an offer letter from the new ownership after all where I currently work to stay on in some capacity.  Maybe.  That's Thursday drama. Stay tuned.


If I get an offer from the new owners, then I'm kind of thinking here.  Do I....


Say yes to limited availability at this pharmacy to get a foot in and a future career in place  or no since I still have a job and can wait and see if any of the other apps come through that are closer to where I'd like to be and possibly full time?  


I've talked myself in and out of both answers. What say you?     


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Re: I'm back from my interview...

Always in a better position to have a job when looking for a new one. Good luck.

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

Do you trust the new owners not turn around in a few weeks or months time to decide you are no longer useful?

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

If you do get an offer from the new owners, you assumed there would be a salary cut.  This part-time might supplement your income as well as give you some experience.  If you have the stamina to work two jobs, it might be worth considering.


Don't for get to send the person who interviewed you a "thanks for the interview" note.  You could briefly summarize your qualifications and mention your certification and training there.

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

I would wonder if they want me to stay just to train other then toss me to the curb. I guess it depends on what my benefits are going to be at the new place vs the old place. Word to the wise. Get everything in writing. 

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

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I can only say what I would be doing in this situation.  I wouldn't jump right into a job just for the sake of having  job.  Especially a job that I found as underwhelming as you found the one you interviewed for.  Note that you didn't say a single good or positive thing about  that job.  They didn't recognize or seem to care about your education or certification.  Honestly, I would hold out for better.  As for the new ownership, all you can do is wait for the offer to be made.  It's possible that they will offer you the same or a similar position to your former one.  The salary might even be the same or you might to be able to negotiate for more.       

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

Im thinking since you even ask the question and reading between the lines about the pharmacy job you are really not that enthusiastic about it.  IMO it would be better to not take the job initially than to quit in a few weeks or months since its not your cup of tea.


The company that bought out your company, in your previous job, if they do hire you will probably expect your expertize for less pay and benefits.


Both of these sounds like a no win situation to me.

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

Hopefully,  you will find out more about what the new owners intent is job wise,  before you have to give an answer to the new place. I think that's a great idea to mention in a thank you note that you have completed certification. Do you want to go through retraining? Are they offering a good wage vs commuting time? In any event,  nice start to the week @Laura14  with having 2 possibilities to ponder 😊

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

I would look at them all as possibilities. And I would sit back and concentrate on how I wanted my working life to be, how I would want to feel at work each day. Then I'd do what really resonated with that feeling. And nothing else.

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Re: I'm back from my interview...

The offer from the new owner would definitely be worth exploring.  Yet, the timing of it all may not be good for you. My only advice is do not "settle."  You have way too much education, experience and skill to just accept a so so position.  I know we all have to pay bills but if you need to wait a bit and are able then please do so.  Keep us posted.

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