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Re: I’m an old woman and tired…

@phoenixbrd wrote:

@SharkE   I can relate to your post.  


Twice a week I travel through Los Angeles and go under a bridge connected to the city.  All along this bridge is a tent city of homeless. This has been there for years.  My heart skips a beat each time I drive under the bridge.  Why aren't we providing our citizens with the care and affordable shelter they so desperately need.  The homeless community is increasing in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  Yes, it can always be a lot worse.  Yes, I am grateful for my life every day even with the challenges we face.


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I count my blessings and give thanks to God. Been bad yr. for me, but, I think how much worse it could be. Look around at people living under bridges, no health care, no dental care, no money, no transportation, traveling to new countries. Kids in tow, horrors everyday.


It could always be a lot worse is my motto.




You hit the nail on the head, Sharke. Things could always be worse.  I'll always be thankful to have been born in America. In spite of our problems here, what if  we were born especially in a third world country and had lost everything and every one we loved?


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Re: I’m an old woman and tired…

That's right. Most people don't know what real heartache is can't even imagine how much worse it can be.

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Re: I’m an old woman and tired…



I’ve taken up drinkin’.

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Re: I’m an old woman and tired…

Me too. I miss the way things were.