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Re: I'm SO ready for 2020 to be over

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@GoneButNotForgotten wrote:

It's been nothing but bad news this year and a few days ago we got more.

A friend of our died unexpectedly and we were really shocked when we heard about it. We got in touch with his wife and to make a long story short, it was probably due to the fact he was exposed to Agent Orange when he was in Vietnam.

And this Wednesday would have been their 50th anniverary.

oh lord, how much longer is this going on? Woman Sad

@GoneButNotForgotten, many years ago a very good friend of my husband died most likely from Agent Orange. We were good friends as couples as well. It is heartbreaking.

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Re: I'm SO ready for 2020 to be over

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My sympathies for your loss.


I lost a co-worker/friend at my last job due to Agent Orange exposure.  He was an amazing person - always helping everyone, always a kind work, a wonderful husband and father; and the first to volunteer his time for charity. He always spoke of his wife as The Bride. 

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Re: I'm SO ready for 2020 to be over

@GoneButNotForgotten Oh I can completely understand how you are feeling, it has been like a bad nightmare everyday- but I am afraid 2021 is not going to be much better for at least 6-8 months into the year- it is good that the vaccine is being given but I am so disappointed that there will be many that can't get it due to allergies, I being one of those- I have an allergy to all nuts and I am just not willing to put myself in that position- I just hope that all people that can take the vaccine without issues do so as it will help- traveling will be out of the question for at least another 6 months- in my lifetime and as a retired RN I have never seen anything like this- I just wish people would just do the simple thing as to wear a mask and not gather even if it is with family- I pray for hope and health for everyone

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Re: I'm SO ready for 2020 to be over

'Better days ahead' but don't have a date stamp. Painfully practicing patience. Hoping for the best. 


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Re: I'm SO ready for 2020 to be over

@hckynut wrote:



Very sorry to hear about your friend's death. Too many that served in Vietnam were vilified and that is a travesty. A posthumous thank you to your deceased friend for his service, and condolences to his family.


As for me personally? I have had many past years that were much, much worse. Disappointed about certain things, but thankful I and my family are still doing well. Especially happy that I am still physically fit and back to my ice skating again.





I'm 70 years old and memories of the VietNam era are very painful; and now, 50 years later, it's gotten its claws on one more person. 

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Re: I'm SO ready for 2020 to be over

I am so very sorry @GoneButNotForgotten.  DH and I have lost several very good veteran friends secondary to the affects of Agent Orange.  So very sad.  

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