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@Ibby114 wrote:

Where did they claim they were calling from? Woman Frustrated I've had a few cell calls lately and the caller id states 'scam likely. Amazing how they don't give up!

Supposed to be from New York.  I've wracked my brain and can't think of any crimes I've committed in New York!  Also haven't been there in 20 years, so who knows?  LOL!

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I’ve supposedly been going to jail for the last four months. I just block the numbers and move on.

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@ciao_bella wrote:

@Sooner  Is orange a good color for you??

@ciao_bella  OH NO!  I'm a "winter!"  It will make me look very bad.  Maybe they will make an EXCEPTION?

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@Sooner wrote:

Woman Surprised  At least that's what the phone scammers who called today said!  I will be arrested later today if I don't give them the information they want.  It was a really scratchy recording that sounded like it was from Mars.


So if I'm not posting tomorrow you'll know why!  LOL!!!  Ship me a cheesecake with a file in it please!  


This was a new one on me.  They have called twice from different number and I've blocked the calls.  Have you had this one?  Or you already incarcerated? 

@Sooner, my 90 year old mother has gotten this call about going to jail! They'll get her over my dead body!

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Just after we listed our house for sale we started getting these calls , e mails , texts etc. The &^$#$%^$&& real estate co. had sold our contact information.

Be very sure if you list property for sale that the company you choose does not sell your information.The amount of calls, texts and e mails we got was tremendous.Slowly tapering off now.

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Same thing happened to me a year ago... They called me 3 times warning me of my upcoming arrest.  All messages were on my answering machine.   After the third threat...I called them back and said my attorney was on the other line in a conference call arrangement.  (He wasn't, but I thought I would see what they would say... )They hung up and never called again. 

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You must be a very bad girl if they keep calling you!  Smiley Wink


I don't know if I've gotten that call or not, as I won't answer any of them.    Been getting a lot of calls lately.  I think nomorobo is picking up most of them but I don't like that they get to the phone.   IMO, they should block them before they get to the phone.   At least it doesn't ring, as my phones have a setting for that.    I can't tell you how much I hate this phone stuff.  It's wrong and I wish it could be stopped completely.


Have fun in jail!  Smiley Very Happy

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Yes! And don’t forget your tennis racket and golf clubs!
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Yep, me and my momma both were supposed to be arrested some time last year. I guess they couldn't find us. Next time maybe we should make an appointment to meet them with all the money in cash, and try to get FBI to show up too.

I wonder how many folks fall for this, its really sad.

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Just wondering how you will smuggle in your gallon of WEN? Woman LOL

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