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Re: I'm Bringing Something for Easter Dinner

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Geez, my orange sherbet salad pales in comparison. I'd best step up my game. I'm also bringing See's chocolates. Very uncreative on my part. There are usually around 12 to 15 people, and they all bring something in addition to all the hosts provide. Usually there is way too much food. However, the scenery overlooking the Sound and Whidbey Island is usually spectacular, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Re: I'm Bringing Something for Easter Dinner

LOts of Hugs and Thank-You for your very sweet message to me, Much appreciated.  Heart Woman Happy HeartA very Happy Easter back to you and your Family. Enjoy!!!

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Re: I'm Bringing Something for Easter Dinner

@Cakers, I freely admit, I'm a really good cook, but baking is NOT my thing (my daugher is the wonderful baker - where she learned that skill is beyond me)!  I'd be proud as a peacock to bring someone your "nailed it!" creations!


My dearly departed MIL (we adored each other) was one amazing cook AND baker.  She tried to teach me, several times, to make her pie crust.  She was the most patient woman you could ever hope to meet.  After trying about a dozen times to teach me to make her amazing pie crust, she finally got exasperated and said, "LuLu, I love you, and you are a wonderful cook, but it's time to stop trying to bake.  Keep using the frozen dough you buy, call it your own, because you're absolutely hopeless!"  LOL!  Happy Easter and Passover, enjoy your beautiful homemade lambs and bunnies, and I'm still hopeless and bought store baked pies!  Peace, LuLu

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Re: I'm Bringing Something for Easter Dinner

@Cakers  - This is absolutely priceless! I laughed so hard! 


I still have the lamb cake mold my mom used for Easter and my birthday (but it was a flat lamb!) Smiley Happy