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I like this quote

If I had one thing to tell everybody, it would be: Do it now. Take up music, read a book, proposition a girl — but do it now. We know we are all sentenced to death. People cannot become prisoners of guilts or fears. They should cling to each moment and take what enjoyment they can from it.”


Paul Krassner, who died yesterday at the age of 87, offered this personal philosopy for his 1968 profile Life profile.


He was one of the main players in the counterculture of the '50s and '60s and 70s. He coined the word "Yuppie."


Referring to the aforementioned Life profile, which was fairly positive, Krassner, always the prankster, sent this letter to the editor :


“Regarding your article on that filthy-mouthed, dope-taking, pinko-anarchist, [redacted by me] Yippie-lover: cancel my subscription immediately!


A controversial and maybe a caricatured figure of his times. RIP, Paul.

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Re: I like this quote

I like this one from "CATS"-

Today I will live in the moment,

unless the moment becomes unpleasant in which case I will take a nap.

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