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For those of you looking for an angel...I found mine.

Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of the day I lost my dad....and at this time of year, especially, not only do I miss him, I am sad because he was my buffer between my mom and myself...and he was always there for me.

Last night, he was in my dreams, and told me that everything was going to be alright.

I have had the worst case of a thyroid storm that I have had over the last three weeks...several trips to the doctor's office for epi pens, three itterations of steriods, plus prescription antihistamines...never mind a 5:30am trip to the ER because I could not breathe because my throat was closing. I was a massive hive. (I can laugh now)

I have had the battle of my life trying to have my primary doctor to make me an appointment (referrals, you know now that goes). I have decided that his ego has been damaged...and you know, like I care. Finally.......last Friday I get a phone call..that he FINALLY approved the referal to the only endocrynologist in town for yesterday.

I went to the appointment...filled out all the paperwork...and when I presented it to the receptionist........she says........we don't accept your insurance.


This has never happened to me before, and I was basically devasted.

I went home so hives returned (not bad just a small amount). I called my husband and told him. He said...we will use the Christmas bonus check for the appointment. The initial appointment is $650.00. So I called back, and left a message.

When I woke up this morning...I told my husband about the dream, and I told him, my dad never let me down...ever.

An hour ago, the lovely Theresa called from this new doctor's office and told me that they called the coporate offices....and they will take my insurance without an problems.

I know I have an angel...and I know who it is.{#emotions_dlg.wub}

Merry Christmas!