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@I am still oxox    Sending good thoughts your way that you will heal quickly.   I'm sure the fall shook you.  It is always quite a shock to fall when we get older.


Prayers for you . . .



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@I am still oxox @So sorry to hear about your accident. Sending good wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery.  

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Sorry to hear that. Hope it heals fast and you're feeling much better soon.

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@I am still oxox   I am so sorry to read of your fall.  It is amazing how one little turn or twist can end in an accident.


You have had some bad days but I hope you are able to cope with everything and are on the mend very soon.


...wishing you the best!

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So sorry to hear that.  Hope you have a great PT and you mend fairly quickly.  It may be a bit slower at this age, so I hope you also are able to be patient.


This year will go down in our memory as "what a year that was!"  


Get well, eat good and rest when needed.  

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i'm so sorry to hear of your fall and i pray for a safe and speedy recovery for you! 

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I understand your pain.  I fractured BOTH of my hips in 2016 when I was 56.  I did not even fall....was just walking the dog.  Long story, but changed my life obviously.


My thoughts are certainly with you.  Hang in there.

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Hope things are getting better each day.

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OMG so sorry..............I pray you heal quickly

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@I am still oxox  I'm also someone who went directly from the hospital to rehab for a few weeks.


I had a double knee replacement.  If any of you ever have to I can attest to the fact that it's best to get them both done at the same time.


Often after you get one done, you need to get another one done.  People say, "Wow!  That's so brave of you.  


But you know, it just makes sense because either they both go at the same time or a person puts weight, etc on the good one 6 months later you have to get the other one done anyway.


Rehab was great.  They taught me how to get in and out of the car, etc.


You know, suddenly I'm reminded of my ex-son-in-law's step father.  He (the step father) was an orthopedic surgeon.  


Then he had to have double hip replacement.  I heard that after the surgery he was more understanding toward his patients.


The word was because he realized what his patients went through after surgery.


He'd been standing on those cement floors for years during surgery.  It did a number on his hips.


I know even walking around the grocery store (cement floors) going up and down each aisle, by the time I'm ready to check out, my back is screaming, "Get me out of here".  Ha!


I hope you take care and be good to your body.  Often we all start to feel better and 'over-do' it.  Fondly, Annabellethecat.