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I sent in my application for early retirement from teaching. I am officially done as of July 1, but my last day is June 16, 2023.

After almost 36 years of being in an elementary classroom, I don't have to go back in Sept. How weird is that?! I'm sad, excited, and a whole roller coaster of emotions. The staff at my school has been so supportive and wonderful. 
Cleaning out my classroom has been bittersweet and exhausting. I've already filled up at 25 garbage bags and I'm not finished!

Well, on to new adventures in my life.

Thank you for reading my post. 😊

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Good for you! Sending you best wishes for a great next chapter.

'The freedom from having to be somewhere at a specific time is indescribable. Enjoy, you deserve it.

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Congratulations & enjoy your retirement!  That many years at one place doesn't happen much anymore. 

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Congratulations and thank you for educating our children.  Best of luck in retirement.

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Congratulations!  I retired at the end of 2022, its is wonderful!  Luckily we were told to clean out our desks during the pandemic, we were told we were working from home permanently.  I am glad I did that ahead of time it took me an afternoon to do with my husbands help.  I imagine being a teacher you had lots to clean up.


Enjoy your time!

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Big Congratulations!  


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@Lisa Y - I retired this past February after being at my employer's for 35 years and am so glad I did.  It's been worth the adjustment. LOL  Enjoy!  Your retirement is well deserved!

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Congratulations on your retirement. Enjoy what the future holds and relish setting your own schedule and choosing when and where you want to go.

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You are a true hero to spend 36 years teaching our children.  Just think how many lives you touched...amazing.


Congrats on your retirement.  Enjoy every minute.


Thank you for doing what you did.

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@Lisa Y    Congratulations.  I also retired from teaching at the Elementary level.  It was an adjustment at first because I loved working with kids.  But after a few months, I was fine.  My first granddaughter arrived within a year and I watched her while my daughter continued to work.  Two more born soon after.  I am so thankful to have had the time to spend with them.  It's also nice to do what I want to do on my own time now.  I don't miss that bell between classes or a structured day.  Enjoy your retirement.  You earned it.