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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

@Retired Legal Secretary wrote:

My hair had gotten way to long, almost to my bra line.  I just put it in a bun or ponytail to be out of the way. I hate dealing with a curling iron, blow dryer etc.  I'm retired and don't go out that often.


Some women my age might look good in really long hair, it didn't do anything for me.  Yesterday it came off, it's to the nape of my neck now. It feels so much better and I hope my hair helps someone else.



What organization did you donate? I have a package of my Grandmothers braid. It is about 20" long and I want to donate. But not sure where. I had looked into it a few years ago but wasn't sure about where to send it. I found an organization for kids. And they made wigs with the donated hair. But figured that would not work with my Grandmother's hair.

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

Thas wonderful that you did that!  


About a year ago I had hair that was almost down to my waist!  I always wore my hair long and got a lot of compliments.  But it was starting to get the best of me and I got it cut to slightly below my shoulders.  I wanted to donote it but was told since it was colored I could not.  


Do you find that now that your hair is much shorter that you have a hard time styling it?  The length of my hair is not a problme for me as I just put in a clip or pontail when I want it off my neck.  

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

@drizzella   I'm not sure which organization my salon uses.


@AngelPuppy1   It is much easier short, should have done it months ago.

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

@ID2 wrote:

I wear my hair short, always have. I just never understood women who had long hair and always haver it tied back. Why? If it bothers you then just cut it short!! 




@ID2 ...I have always worn my hair either short or shoulder length as those have always been the best looks for me...A bob style cut or similar in-between length never worked for me and there is not enough versatility.


My hair is now back to shoulder length and I have many lovely hair accessories, such as barrettes, clips and scrunchies....I love playing around with it and styling in various ways...Every now and then, I will wear it just hanging down loosely with one side just pinned back slightly, but I always find myself ending up styling it back away from my face...It isn't because it "bothers" me...It is because I find it more flattering and enjoy the many pretty hair accessories that complement the look.


My hair stylist also gives me a very subtle and soft feathery fringe effect on just the side areas...You can't really compare a short haircut look to longer hair that is styled back or up...The longer style for me is so much more feminine looking and gives a more softer look.


Just my personal preference. Woman Happy



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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

I never question why a woman has the length of hair she does, how she wears it or what she does with it...long or short, pulled back/up or down.  As long as it isn't dirty. 


Their hair, their choice, their time.

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

Thank you so much for donating your hair.  When my son was in second grade his hair started falling out.  We found out it was alopecia.  He was teased so much.  I found out about an organization called Locks of Love that makes wigs or hair prosthetics as they called them for children.  Every two years he could get a new one until he was an adult.  Then the trend was in to be bald so that's the way he has gone.  Without terrific people willing to donate hair he never would have made it through school with his self esteem intake.  So thanks again for doing that.  

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

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My nine year old great-grandson in New Jersey had his hair shaved off twice in honor of cancer survivors.  I doubt he had enough hair to donate but I am very proud of his decision to do what he did.  And I applaud you Retired Legal Secretary for your donation, someone will be wearing a beautiful wig that was made with your hair. Heart

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

My one daughter donated to locks of love? Years ago. Her hair was naturally blond and to her waist.  One day she cut it in a bob length.and away it went.  I think hers went to a program for children.  

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Re: I donated my hair yesterday.....

@Retired Legal Secretary  what a wonderful act of kindness! Because of you someone going through probably the worst time of their life will feel a little bit better because of your donation. I hope you love your new do!