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....all of these "hot car" incidents are accidental. Just read a story about yet another one ---- two toddler twin girls!

  15-month-old girls left in a hot car by their father.

  Mother was out of town.




  Do you believe all these deaths that are suddenly happening are all accidents, because I don't...



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  I was thinking the same thing when I read about it.

 All those poor babies-unimaginable!

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I certainly hope they are accidental. That said, I'm pretty dim witted these days at times but I would never forget I had a child in the car.  Never. 

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I painfully agree with you @YorkieonmyPillow  Especially since the number of these incidents are increasing in recent years, even with all the news broadcasts and PSA warnings. I hope this latest is not an instance of something sadistically deliberate.  All opinion aside (in light of no knowledge or all the facts), I just pray for these poor babies gone now.

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I totally agree with the OP, no way!  I have 3 daughters (now adults) and 8 grandchildren and I can tell you that it is difficult in the first place to forget about one child like that; but to think this guy left 2 children in the car (and toddlers).


This is sickening....and not believable...Children are a gift from GOD, he expects us to care for a love these children.


In my opinion (and it's my opinion people) that it's as if so many people think of children today as problems and something to 'deal with'.


It would be terrible if this man wasn't punished by jail time.  Don't be saying to me, "He's already punished by loosing his children".  The way I see it, he hasn't been punished but I hope he will be.

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How can you forget your baby that you just put in the car seat to drop off at the sitters or daycare? Even if you forget how can you not see your baby when you get out of your car????????? Not Accidents.

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@Reba055 I read your post and I was thinking about something I've recently been saying (unfortunately), "Hell must be getting really crowded lately".  


Truth is none of us really knows if it was or wasn't an accident.  Like you, I'm sure most people hope it wasn't on purpose, but it SEEMS unlikely (two toddlers)....


The reason I say what I did above is because if you believe in Heaven, you most likely believe in Hell and if there is some kind of justice, even if evil people get away with evil things sooner or later they'll get their's.  That doesn't mean I wish it on someone, just that someone more powerful and wise than any of us will hand out justice.

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  I don't think he should get jail time, I think he should be put into a hot car so he can have the same fate he doled out to his daughters.

  Two toddlers are going to be gurgling, babbling, and carrying on (unless they were both asleep), I honestly don't see how it is even possible to "forget" your twins and leave them in a hot car.

  IMO these are copycat murders and a legal way to rid yourself of your children....


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I remember a story about a Dad who was supposed to take his baby to day care.  Normally his wife did it, but he had to take the baby this particular day.  The baby was asleep in the back and did not make a sound.  He drove right to work and forgot the baby was in the back seat.


It was so sad and he was grief stricken.  On that incident, I could empathise.  I know I sometimes intend to drive somewhere, and somehow go on "autopilot" and end up heading toward my office, which is close to my home.  It is easy to get lost in other thoughts and forget to be intentional about what you are doing.


But these cases of just leaving your baby(ies) in the car to go shopping or whatever are inexcusable.

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I will say that there is always going to be the Susan Smith type that want to kill their children because they are evil or mentally ill, and leaving them in a hot car  and 'forgetting' about them would seem to be a way to get that job done, and perhaps not suffer the consequences that other forms of murdering them would bring (if you can fake it well enough).


But I do believe that many of these children are indeed 'forgotten'. 


Look at the world in which we live, and how incredibly stupid/scattered/unorganized more and more people are becoming. They are wound up in debt that occupies their mind, jobs that are oftentimes more demanding than ever before, technology that is taking their attention every waking minute (as well as interrupting their sleep), and in general live on a treadmill that never stops. Go, Go, Go all day long from work to kids events, to gaming, to social events....some people are never home and they never stop.


That easily breeds preoccupation and forgetting.