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I didn't get the job

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Hello forum friends, 


     I want to let you know that I didn't get into my city's police academy and due to written policy, I am unable to apply for this position anywhere for the next two years.  I made it all of the way to the background check after trying for two and a half years to get this far- it is a long process and I had to take some difficult tests twice to get top scores.  I got fantastic scores on the fitness test, written exam and oral in person interview. I can't appeal the decision and I can't find out why I didn't make the cut to get into the academy. 


     At 35 years old, I proved that I could take my high school wrestling background and get into great shape and beat people a decade younger than me in fitness test scores.  I'm 4'11" and I got over the 5 foot wall and ran the obstacle course all in about 28 seconds Smiley Happy.   I had 80 pounds of grip strength during the hand grip strength test- the top score for most men.  I did 32 full on sit ups floor to knees in a minute.  I got the top push up score in my test group that day.  My wonderful family, my friends and former employers wrote very heartfelt character references about me.   I'm a great girl with a great background and great morals- I wanted to make a difference in my city and help people.


   I'm going to create new dreams and goals now. I will continue my love for fitness and exercise as a hobby.  I'll look for employment in art or in the culinary industry since I'm a talented artist, cook and baker and I went to art college and culinary school.  I love to do art and cook/bake.  When one door closes, another opens- maybe this rejection is a blessing. I had a good cry over this news and I will always be proud of myself for trying.  Thank you for all of your support in this journey and thank you for believing in me! Heart  Onward and upward! 

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@SportyShorty07.  Have you investigated possibilities with your county's sheriff's  department?  Probation office?

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Hi, @SportyShorty07 .  I am so sorry that you weren't able to get into your police academy position.  You sound like an incredible young woman, with many enviable talents and credentials. 


It may be, that there is a reason you don't understand, as to why you did not get this particular job.  I personally believe that at certain crossroads in our lives, that there is a higher power that sees further down the road than we can.  It could be that there is an opportunity that will open up to you, and you will look back and see it was for the best!  I wish you the best also, and know that any employer would be grateful for someone as dedicated as you seem to be!

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It seems rather cruel to not let you know why you didn't get in.  That is something you will always have to wonder about.  But like you said, you can be very proud at how well you did.  Time for a shift in direction and a new path to follow.

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@SportyShorty07  Sorry that it didn't work out for you. The older I get the more I see that things happen for a reason and as they should, even those things we really want. You have a fantastic positive outlook and that will get you far. You are still pretty young and as such have many choices. My own family Doctor didn't even start Medical school until in his 50's! Looking back for me, I would have loved working in Forensics like my dad who has a Doctrite in Pysch. would loved to have worked in the CIA or as a CS investigator. Maybe that could be something you could pursue. Or since you enjoy fitness, what about a Physcial Therapist? Good Luck in whatever you decide.

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I'm so sorry.  Maybe you could pursue a job in being a dispatcher if that is something that interests you?

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Have you thought about being a Firefighter?

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Re: I didn't get the job

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Awe, I'm so sorry! You did an amazing job and sound amazing and yes, I agree sometimes it's some random/stupid reason that has nothing to do with you AT ALL, so don't feel bad about yourself or that you somehow failed because that doesn't seem to be the case here.


Have your cry and then shake it off missy because I feel in my soul, based on everything I know about you, and you can tell a lot about a person just by reading their posts and yours are always kind.... that you are destined for bigger and better! Heart

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@SportyShorty07 - I have been thinking about your quest, and praying, and just this past Easter weekend wondered how things were going. I am so sorry. But it looks like this particular academy wasn't to be your path.




We all wonder "why" when things like this happen. In your case I have to admit I'm mad! You are someone who wanted this with her whole heart. They put you through the paces, and you could have been such an asset to them. I don't know your city, but in any major city, they would be lucky to have someone who wants to make a difference. They NEED police officers like you! 



@Kachina624 gave you some good options. I will add the State Police if you want to continue pursuing this particular goal. 



If you decide on another direction,  your enthusiasm, drive, and kindness will touch so many. You will still serve and make a difference, just in another way. 



You have so much to offer, and we are here for you!  (((HUGS)))

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@Kachina624  That's a good idea- I could investigate opportunities with my city's sherrif's department or probation office.  The only problem is that all agencies cross reference with eachother and so they will all see that I didn't make it into the academy.  If one place doesn't pick me, its harder for another to give a chance.   I have a spotless background and I don't drink, smoke or do drugs so I don't know why they didn't pick me, especially since I got such high scores on the tests and interview.  I'll have to think about my next steps Smiley Happy