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Re: I did a double take today ... WalMart

I got up very early Saturday morning and got groceries at WM and Meijer.  WM had 1 container of their store brand disinfectant wipes and then about 7 of the small containers of Clorox Wipes w/ no limit.  I took 2 of the Clorox wipes and another lady came up and grabbed 3.  I forgot to get something and went back to that area a short while later and all the wipes were gone.  I have yet to find Lysol spray anywhere.

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Re: I did a double take today ... WalMart

@gardenman wrote:

There's kind of a double whammy going on. You've got hoarders who are grabbing whatever they can find regardless of need and then you've got the predatory resellers who buy anything that's in short supply and resell it on eBay or other sites. I don't really mind the hoarders as they're not looking to profit from it, but the predatory resellers annoy me to no end. Anything you want can be bought on eBay, but at absurd prices.


They don't want to keep what they buy, they're just looking to profit from the shortage. A shortage they're typically responsible for creating. So far this year they've targeted Nintendo Switch gaming consoles making them nearly impossible to buy at retail. The new graphics cards (the 3080 and 3090 series that just came out) are being grabbed by them and being resold for ridiculous prices (up to $80,000 for a $1,500 card.) With the new X-Box and Playstation consoles coming out they're already snatching up all available preorders and will grab whatever retail units they can find. They always grab whatever hot new sneaker comes out. Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, cough syrup, and more became hot items for them during the lockdown.


I just find that practice really annoying. People who really want to get a new X-Box or Playstation for their kids for Christmas will either have to be incredibly lucky to stumble upon one in a store or pay double the retail price or more to get one from a predator. Want a cleaning product? Well, if you're lucky and hit the store at just the right time you can get it. If not, they'll snatch them up and you'll have to pay their price to get it.

@gardenman : The "entrepreneurs" trying to capitalize on trendy items that people want is bad enough. But these are "wants," not "needs."


However, profiteering on necessities during a pandemic-- some that could even save people's lives-- takes it to a whole other level. It is disgusting and immoral, IMO. You're right-- they're predators.


These re-sellers should, at the very least, be banned for life from eBay, Amazon, etc..

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Re: I did a double take today ... WalMart

It is unconscionable that this continues to be a PERMITTED, pervasive practice!😦


If perhaps, the companies that continue to allow this were held to the same standards, as gas stations that ILLEGALLY price gouge during hurricanes, devastating earthquakes, etc, this behavior would be ALMOST nonexistent; though there will always be  self-centered opportunists.😞


Praise to the companies and sellers that chose to help, and not HINDER people during this pandemic!😊👍👍



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Re: I did a double take today ... WalMart

When the pandemic first started people were doing this with tp, wipes,etc and selling on I thought Amazon. I thought it was quickly stopped.