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@Misplaced Parisian..road trip, I'm in.  Hubby can fend for himself.

@Mom2Dogs Umm, honey, we need a driver....could you bring hubby?  Giggles.

@Misplaced Parisian,hmmmm, only if I have's a girls trip.,,although he is pretty easy going.

@Mom2Dogs Gotcha!  We can hire a driver.  No problem there.  

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@Laura14, I'm having a glass of wine in your honor - you've gone through far too much! Holy Moose Poop! (thanks @PINKdogWOOD - priceless!).

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Well, maybe Santa will leave you a prize, @Laura14. It sounds like you deserve one!

Girl you are so far ahead of me in the present arena, its not even funny. The only presents I have gotten were my grand dogs' presents.....ha! Next week is gonna be fun!

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@Jannabelle Thank you friend! Drink up! Smiley Happy

@happycat Actually I think it's the best way now. Throw some holy water on yourself and get shopping in those crowds. You'll be done before you know it. And I would never fault you for getting the important ones out of the way first. Smiley Very Happy