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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

I'm glad they didn't harm it.  I would be afraid though,too.  But creatures have a place in nature and jobs to do.

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

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@doxie1 wrote:

@on the bay 



 That phrase is a stronger way to say , "not just no but hell no". It is often used to show your serious feeling about something.


There also was Bishop Bullwinkle in Florida that made it a you tube sensation with his sermons using that phrase. He was a remarkable man. He passed in 2019 but you can see his videos on you tube.


Each "naw" magnifies the no.



I would need a change of clothes if I saw that snake. I can hear many people saying that.




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That too... Assuming the resuscitation was successful... Woman LOL

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

I am so cautious when I go out to weed.  Last week I was doing one section and when I went to walk around and adjust a  few pieces of the drip hose that  had become uncovered it moved. It was a black snake, believe me, I moved much faster than he did.,

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

We had a small 6 inch garden snake in our basement in our previous home, Well I almost had a complete stroke, not even kidding!  I froze in place and simply cried.   It is a fear from childhood though as walking through the woods I was standing on a path with my brother and suddenly my dad said look at me, look at me , very calmly,  then swiftly picked me up off my feet........there was a huge snake getting ready to wrap itself around my 5 year old little feet....enough said.  

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

@on the bay 


I spotted a rat snake here at our condo property slithered away.....  If I know the snake is not poisonous they dont bother me....and with a green belt and fields near us we get a lot of critters (field mice and such) the snakes serve a purpose.....Ive heard of areas in our city (apartments and subidivisions) being over run by mice, so rat snakes are good at keeping things in control.......

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

       Oh my....well my tale is a bit reversed from the OP's!!  As I walked into my very dimly lit bedroom and saw a small  blackish/brownish hairy looking ball on my bedspread.  Had no idea what it was, but was afraid to turn the light up; it might run off or jump out at me! 

        I live alone and had no bat, no sword etc to hit 'it'!!!  So only thing I could think of was a can of Lysol. I crouched  down and snuck up on it - picture the Pink Panter inspector - to spray the 'thing' to death!!  As I got closer, I realized it didn't move.  So I crept up closer and was a pile of tassel that had come of one of my decor pillows!!  I started laughing so hard I literally wet my pants!!

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

@on the bay   We have gopher snakes, nowhere as large as this, I would have had a heart attack.  I have heard of enormous ones high up in the hills around here.

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Re: I couldn't stop laughing at this!

I can understand someone thinking a snake is a hose because something similar happened to my husband. He almost picked up a snake thinking it was a hose. He about had a heart attack lol. We used to live near woods and snakes would come into our yard. I was so glad when we moved. A friend of mine has a ranch and has been killing a lot of rattlers lately. It's not in my location.