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Re: I can't afford to try an item on QVC and pay to return it anymore.

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I don't order as much as I would because of the shipping charges to & from. I can buy from other places where I'm not out shipping charges like that so I will shop at those places. There is no reason why Q cannot put all items ordered on the same day in 1 shipping box for 1 shipping price. Q's sizing is also all over the place when it comes to clothes. Shoe sizing is also off.

@Nightowlz  I'm not so sure about that.  The inventory warehouses where these multiple items are coming from could be in different locations. 



I figured that but Q can come up with a way to have some of all items at all warehouses so they can ship that way. It's their problem. It will only get worse with rising shipping costs. Sooner or later Q will have to change their shipping ways or continue to lose business IMO.

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QVC has already put this into practice, they put several unrelated items I purchased on different dates in same week (a blouse, pants, decor item, ottoman) and delivered it in one big box...yet they charged me a separate shipping charge for each item....They should have done right and charged for just one.....Woman Frustrated



I know they already do that so there should not be a separate charge for each item.

When Q had free shipping I ordered a couple of clothing items since I figured it was a good time to try them with free shipping. I received both items in the same bag. When I returned them Q charged me 2 separate return shipping charges. I called CS & told them both items were shipped in the same bag so I returned them in one bag so I was only paying one return shipping charge. Q issued credit & only charged me one return shipping charge.

I don't order as much because of their shipping charges.

I try to only buy if I know it's something I'm going to keep.

I don't really buy that much from Q. I buy Isomers from Evine & Andrew Lessman from HSN & not much else.

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Re: I can't afford to try an item on QVC and pay to return it anymore.

Your dog situation doesn't sound crazy at all!  I am so happy for your dog!  You must be a lovely person.