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@grandma petes 


My wife broke the Radius bone which connects pretty much to the elbow. In a similar way as happened to you. We were walking into an arena for a hockey game(lots of snow) and she tripped over a piece of concrete that was not level(a higher joint section on concrete). 


She broke the Radial(Radius) Head of her elbow. Mr friend, who is an Ortho Doc, managed to get the fracture close enough to put it in a cast for 6 weeks, no surgery.


It too was her Right Elbow and I had to fill out all the paperwork at several of our doctor visit during that 6 weeks. It healed fine with the in-home therapy that was prescribed after it healed and the cast was removed. To awhile to get her forearm strength back.




I'm glad to hear your wife didn't need surgery. Sounds like my break was almost the same as hers.👍

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  • I am a first time poster but felt compelled to respond as I broke my elbow this past March.  Had surgery 5 days later and home same day.   Though I was prescribed a heavy-duty pain med I only took about half the dosage I  could have.  Soft cast removed and replaced with  a different brace for stabilization & protection.  That was on for a month pretty much 24/7 as I had difficulty taking on and off with left arm.  I have been going to physical therapy for almost 2 months now and range of motion still difficult (eating with right hand, touching top of head, etc).  Now have two additional braces i wear for short periods of time to supplement PT sessions.  Slowly getting easier.  It can be a slow process.  Have started driving again short distances which was a confidence booster that things will get better.  Be patient with yourself.  Best wishes and blessings  for your recovery.  P.S.  I am 65.

What a helpful post, @Valley Gal .  Sorry for what you've been going through, and hoping you have a full recovery sooner than you expect.  Welcome to the boards!

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate you sharing your experience.

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That metal screw thing is pretty standard around here for any type of break.  I had it done to my spiral fractued ankle a couple years back.  No trouble whatsoever with it now.  I was religious about following the doctor's orders.  

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Hope you heal quickly.

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My car accident....  I broke almost everything that day.  Neck & chest fractures.  I never had sugery.  The just put me in a cast.  Eventually my bones knitted together.  Took 6 months.

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Hope you have a speedy recovery @grandma petes!💗💓💕




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Oh my!  I hope your surgery is successful and quick recovery. Smiley Happy