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  • I am a first time poster but felt compelled to respond as I broke my elbow this past March.  Had surgery 5 days later and home same day.   Though I was prescribed a heavy-duty pain med I only took about half the dosage I  could have.  Soft cast removed and replaced with  a different brace for stabilization & protection.  That was on for a month pretty much 24/7 as I had difficulty taking on and off with left arm.  I have been going to physical therapy for almost 2 months now and range of motion still difficult (eating with right hand, touching top of head, etc).  Now have two additional braces i wear for short periods of time to supplement PT sessions.  Slowly getting easier.  It can be a slow process.  Have started driving again short distances which was a confidence booster that things will get better.  Be patient with yourself.  Best wishes and blessings  for your recovery.  P.S.  I am 65.

What a helpful post, @Valley Gal .  Sorry for what you've been going through, and hoping you have a full recovery sooner than you expect.  Welcome to the boards!

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Never have but just wanted to wish you a successful surgery and quick & pain free healing so you can get back to doing the things you need & want to do.


You don't say whether or not you were in too much discomfort to stay and see your granddaughter's graduation or had to leave and head for the ER....I hope the former.

Thank you @shaggygirl I didn't want anything to disrupt her special day, so I just powered through the pain and watched our sweet girl graduate. I didn't want her graduation memory to be that her grandma broker her arm. I didn't even tell her until the next day.

@grandma petesThe example of grace, strength, and selflessness you showed your granddaughter (and your whole family) is probably the most precious gift and life-lesson you could've given her on such a milestone event in her life. Saying a prayer for you that all goes well during and after surgery.

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@grandma petes 


I haven't but wanted to send good thoughts & prayers for a speedy recovery💐



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Oh ouch! Good luck! I fell  last year and broke three bones in my ankle and tore the ligament. I did have surgery the next morning got 3 playes and many screws. Had 3 diff casts over an 11 week period. It was not a bad surgery it was just a long recovery...Good luck! 

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Sorry to hear abou your accident and hope that your recovery is as smooth as possible. All of the posters who urged you to be dedicated to your physical therapy exercises are spot on. However, since the elbow consists of three bones (distal end of the humerus, and proximal ends of the radius, and ulna), it is hard to compare the experience of anyone else with your own fracture as there are many variations in even just the location of an "elbow fracture" in addition to  many other variables. You surgeon and your PT should be excellent sources of information about your treatment and recovery process. Rosalind Good luck!

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I broke my right elbow after slipping on bathroom floor holding my dog in December 2014.  I too am right handed however you will learn to use the left hand maybe not well but you have no choice.  I was in a cast like bandage for a while and then a brace for a while.  I cannot remember the time line.  I went to the ER and by the time I got the surgery it had been three weeks so add another six to that.   I went to Rehab for a week or so and stopped because they were so crowded I spent more time waiting for them to tell me the next exercise than actually doing it.  Also the cost after my insurance was a lot to sit around and wait.  After I learned what exercises to do. I did them at home and was fine.  The doctor did a good job and I have had no problems so far.  Hope you recover quickly and painlessly.  

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Thank you so much for your kind words. It was such a special day for all of us and I wouldn't let anything change that.😊

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@grandma petes  Good luck with your surgery today. My son broke his elbow in 2004 when he was 17 and had to have surgery to insert 3 pins. Although it was supposed to be same day surgery, but it didn't end until about 8 at night, so he stayed in the hospital overnight because he was too groggy for us to take him home. He was released the next day.


Instead of putting him in a conventional cast, the orthopedic surgeon prescribed a custom cast that could be adjusted at the elbow to give him more flexibility as he healed. This worked very well. He had PT for awhile (sorry I can't remember how long) and made a great recovery. Sometimes his elbow will ache a little on very humid days, but he hasn't had any other problems. The pins occasionally set off metal detectors, too. I hope your recovery goes as well as his did. 

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Oh you poor thing!! Yes I broke my LEFT wrist in 2017 at 64---first broken bone for me too-- slipped on ice---had 6 pins into a plate to fix mine---was very painful as I can't take the rx pain meds that kill the pain so had to depend on the OTC pain relievers---hate to say it but it took me a solid month to finally getting comfortable to be able to sleep--went to p/t before that and really worked hard  at getting mobility back--is pretty good now probably have aout 95% use back .But omg--your right elbow---Woman Embarassedyikes!!!!

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@grandma petes 


My wife broke the Radius bone which connects pretty much to the elbow. In a similar way as happened to you. We were walking into an arena for a hockey game(lots of snow) and she tripped over a piece of concrete that was not level(a higher joint section on concrete). 


She broke the Radial(Radius) Head of her elbow. Mr friend, who is an Ortho Doc, managed to get the fracture close enough to put it in a cast for 6 weeks, no surgery.


It too was her Right Elbow and I had to fill out all the paperwork at several of our doctor visit during that 6 weeks. It healed fine with the in-home therapy that was prescribed after it healed and the cast was removed. To awhile to get her forearm strength back.