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I had that done about 19-20 years ago.  I still have screws in my left elbow.  I was not in a cast afterwards but had a couple of different slings.  The hardest thing was the fear of not falling again or that I would get bumped really hard in a group of people.  They had me up at 6:00 a.m. the morning after surgery to begin some basic P/T.  I went home that day too.  As others have mentioned, do your P/T exercises at home that your physical therapist has you do.  

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Re: I broke my elbow!!

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My late mother fell and broke her elbow many years ago and had to have surgery. It took awhile to schedule as there was no "hand" surgeon locally. You just have to learn to adapt until you heal. Eventually, she had to  go for physical therapy. .She was in her early 80's. Good luck to you with everything.

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Re: I broke my elbow!!

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@grandma petes 


Welcome to the club!


In 2003 (a week before my 61st birthday) - I fell at work and broke my right arm ... shattered the end of the radius bone.  X-rays, CT scans, surgery.


I was only in the hospital overnight - I had to have an implant - radial head implant  (and four screws) - followed by several months of wearing a large metal brace.  I was out of work for about six weeks - but was still getting paid.


It was covered by Workers Comp - so no out-of-pocket costs


There was about six months of twice-a-week physical therapy.  

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@grandma petes aww, that's to bad.  I have never had a broken bone either (66 this year). I hope all goes well for you.

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@grandma petes   Close to my fiftieth birthday slipped on ice and broke my left lower leg and ankle.  Had temporary pins in until they stabilized for surgery and have a metal plate--permanent--in left ankle.


All you can do is be patient and after surgery when it comes time for therapy do it annd follow all the surgeon's recommendations, too.


Hope you have someone at home to help you.  My girlfriend broke her right wrist years ago and all of a sudden an electric can opener and those "grabber" extennder gadgets were just invaluable.


Best wishes and cyber hugs to you.



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@grandma petes   I'm sorry to hear about your injury.


My only experience was my son's broken elbow at age 6, 41 yrs. ago.  He fell off a horse. He had pins too.


Good luck with your surgey.


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Re: I broke my elbow!!

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OH NO!!  so sorry to hear that....were you able to watch your granddaughter graduate...or were you taken to the granddaughter's graduation is tomorrow...outdoors....and with my arthritis...i'm not steady on my feet!!  hope you heal quickly.....and hoping i stay in an upright position!!  oh....just read that you were able to stay......what we do for our grandkids!  

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So sorry this happened to you! I fell at age 65 and dislocated my elbow---so I know the pain and discomfort. Fortunately I didn't have a break so no surgery required. As another poster mentioned---it is very important to stick with your physical therapy sessions. I regained 100% range of motion as a result of PT! Usually with that type of injury the prognosis is less than 80%. So, be very diligent with your PT and you will make a much better recovery. Praying for your sucessful surgery and complete recovery! ❤
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Re: I broke my elbow!!

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I've  never broken my elbow but I did break my right wrist and had surgery for pins and plates. Pain, especially at night. I remember waking at all hours moaning in pain. It got better after a few days. It's tough not being able to use your right hand so you just have do get used to doing things slower. Maybe get some 1-2 lb hand weights if the dr recommends them. It's amazing how fast people will get out of your way when they see someone with a cast.  I never went to therapy. I just got exercises online and did those.

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((((((( @grandma petes)))))))

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