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@grandma petes ------You are a sweet heart. You must have been in terrible pain.

Hope your recovery from surgery will be rapid. Take care and keep us posted. 

Sending lots of healing thoughts!

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I am sorry to read this about you. I am the same age and I really have started trying to be more careful with walking and stepping up on things. I hope your surgery goes well and that you have a full and speedy recovery.

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@grandma petes  I haven't had elbow surgery, but broke my right wrist in two places, had surgery and pins put  in. 

  Tell your bank before writing a check with your left hand, it won't match their records! You CAN write with left hand. I even cut and colored my hair with one hand. Practice. 

   Shower with a plastic bag over it.

    Get a can opener that's battery and runs around the top of cans. 
    Read books on I pad or kindle

     Faithfully do therapy and exercises!

   I'm no help about dressing since I could move my arm, but you can figure it out and I hope you will be on the road to recovery ASAP!

      💪🏻 🚿 📝 🥫 ❤️



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I fractured my wrist about 10 years ago.  I slid on ice in the parking lot of my building.  My right wrist.  So I know but you'll quickly learn how to do some things with just one arm.  We just adapt.  It's going to be hard but not as hard as you think it will be now.  I only took a week off work, pecked at my keyboard with my left hand.  My coworkers were very helpful.  Good luck with your surgery, praying you have a speedy recovery.

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  • I am a first time poster but felt compelled to respond as I broke my elbow this past March.  Had surgery 5 days later and home same day.   Though I was prescribed a heavy-duty pain med I only took about half the dosage I  could have.  Soft cast removed and replaced with  a different brace for stabilization & protection.  That was on for a month pretty much 24/7 as I had difficulty taking on and off with left arm.  I have been going to physical therapy for almost 2 months now and range of motion still difficult (eating with right hand, touching top of head, etc).  Now have two additional braces i wear for short periods of time to supplement PT sessions.  Slowly getting easier.  It can be a slow process.  Have started driving again short distances which was a confidence booster that things will get better.  Be patient with yourself.  Best wishes and blessings  for your recovery.  P.S.  I am 65.
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whoa! So sorry! I hope surgery goes well and your recovery is as speedy as it can be. That really mustve hurt!

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@grandma petes   I went 'Ow' when I read this.  I have never broken anything - like you - and I feel for you.  Hope all goes well for you so sorry this happened.

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So sorry about your broken elbow .... hope you heal fast 😢

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What an awful accident! Wishing you the best with your surgery and a speedy recovery to get back to normal!

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Good luck.

I fell out of a tree and broke my elbow when I was in 5th grade. Pins in elbow and traction for 4 weeks. 2 surgeries and all is well now. I would imagine they have come a long way in the 22 years since then and they are skilled to make
It easier and better. The only thing I recall is the amount of pain when it first happened.