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Although I may complain from time to time, I have many things to be thankful for.  Health, job, house, car, food, freedom, family, friends, and the list goes on.  I have a comfortable home, good food, family, good friends, cancer free, good health care, job that I like, enough money to live on.

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I am thankful to be living in the greatest country in the world!!
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Besides many of the reasons already mentioned, I'm thankful for all you good, positive, sometimes hilarious, thought-provoking, always generally encouraging people of the Internet.... like YOU.





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I am thankful for my DH!  I don't know what I would do without him.  He is my everything!!!  And I am thankful for our warm, comfortable little home.  We are far from being well off, but we have what we need. I am thankful that I am getting ready to retire.  It's been a long, hard journey.  It's been good and bad and I will be sad in a way, but I am looking forward to it!  


I am grateful for my freedom as a citizen of the U.S. I am thankful for all of the veterans who gave their life to protect our freedom and for the military personnel who protect our freedom every day. I am thankful for all the police, fireman, and others in these types of positions who work hard every day and put their lives on the line for all of us!! 

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I am thankful for a calm year when I could just enjoy the seasons.  I am thankful to have the cancers in remission, other health matters drugged into submission and the many family deaths only now good memories.  It was a good one.

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Re: I am thankful for;

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I'm thankful that my small family is still with me and healthy. 


I'm thankful for:


Grayson and Presto, the birds that share my life and bring me joy on a daily basis


My home, my sanctuary Woman Happy, a roof over my head


Electricity, heat and access to fresh water


Clothes for my back, shoes for my feet


A warm bed to lay my body down on at the end of the day


The ability to jump in my car and just go.  I remember what it was like to wait for the bus.


Food in the fridge, food in the cupboards - I have the luxury to look in either and say, hmmm I don't want that when there are many who are hungry and wish they had something to eat.


Yesterday, my youngest bird Presto took a bath.  I hold her little tub/dish on my lap and she bathes with absolute abandon.  I end up wet and have to change my clothes afterwards.  As I was walking down the hall to grab a clean top and yoga pants, I thought to myself - how fortunate am I that I have such easy access to clean clothing.  


I'm not trying to be preachy - I sincerely think about these things on a daily basis.  


I'm also thankful for the QVC forum posters that I've met through the years.  


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Re: I am thankful for;

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I am grateful that this year we have been able to survive 


the loss of many beloved family members

major / critical health issues for Father, DH, and myself

the significant changes these health issues made in our daily lives


that we have our much loved home, land

our wonderful friends,

and that we are still able to learn and grow.





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i am thaanmkful for my home, my dogs, myu joband very thing that i have in my life.  i have good health, good friends and such more more.and i am thankful for this board.

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I am thankful for my husband,son, our cat Moe and my relatives, my faith, my home and financial situation.