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I am so furious with the Q and their Christmas

The programming this year has been atrocious and while in years past I have done a great deal of my Christmas shopping with QVC, this year was just a total bust. The ONLY thing I have ordered as gifts are 2 of the Rachael Ray pots which I was going to make into spaghetti baskets for my daughters-in-law. I had the gourmet pasta, nice red wine, DVD of Lady and the Tramp, etc. to put in the pot and wrap in cellophane.

The morning after I placed my order I had a notation to call CS which I did. Even though the charge was showing up on my bankcard, I was told there had been a computer glitch at the Q and many of the charges that night didn't go through. I was told to wait until the charge fell off my card, call back, and the order would be processed in time for Christmas. I even asked, "Is there going to be a problem getting it in time?" and was assured that it would still be the original order and there would be no problem.

Yesterday I call and tell them the charge is gone. The CS rep put the order through again and upgraded my shipping to insure delivery before Christmas. This morning when I check my order status both of the pots are on BACKORDER. I immediately called CS and was told, "Sorry we are out of stock."

When I explained everything that had happened and how upset I was the CS rep told me, "I'm sorry Maam, if we had it in stock we would ship it. We don't have any more in stock!" This wasn't a NEW order. This was an order that had been placed during the midnight presentation of the TSV.

So now I have to find something comparable for their presents and while I was out shopping Saturday I did look around and saw nothing like it for the price. I am so furious with QVC. Oh...and their... "I'm sorry".... just doesn't get it.