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I am really nervous about baby kitties about to be born,

Claudia Ann or Anyone that can help. I have always had cats in my life but they have always been fixed, I have never had kittens before. In early March a very young, female cat adopted hubby and me. I saw her playing around in my front garden chasing buggies late last summer so she had to have been very young then. Anyway, I believe she lived under a shed in my neighbors way back corner yard and she got her courage up to trust us when she came in heat in March and has been with us ever since. She needed help from all the feral males that found her by scent I guess, the first night I brought her in she made it just inside the slider door and collapsed from exhaustion, slept right there all night, never moved, poor thing.

Anyway she is approx 62 days pg, usual is 60-68 my book says and I am so nervous about this. I have a box ready, I have sterilized scissors, thread, towels, I think that is all I need. Does mom usually do all the work, like I said in my title, I am really nervous. This is her first litter and I am afraid she will not know what to do and I dont either! Believe it or not, none of my friends have ever had kittens either, they are all dog lover peeps.

Any tips would help ease my mind right now, please...Thanks {#emotions_dlg.scared}

Oh and CA, she is pure black like your Bella only shorter haired!!