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I laughed so hard, I literally snorted & scared my cat!!!!!!

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@SeaMaiden   I was just about to post




Glad to see you're not! Smiley Happy  Yeah, DH will sometimes ask "hows life on the boards today?" Lol. I'll have to show him this.

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 @SeaMaiden   😂😂 Glad you’re still with us!!

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I was feeling badly when I first read your title and much relieved when finishing the post.

Your posts are interesting and informative.  By the way, how is your dog?  Hopefully everything is fine.

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@september wrote:

Ok..I think I’ve caught on now...Friday night fun!   Had a stressful week, and I can use some humor!

@september- Remember it's Fri-YAY!!!  Smiley Very Happy

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Thank you for the 😂😂...I thought OMG ....


have a great weekend🙂

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Thanks for the laugh!  I'm glad you're not leaving! Smiley Happy

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Good one! I love it!

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@SeaMaiden .....OMG. ROFL. Thanks for the laugh. I sure needed it.

I promise to remind myself every day that I am strong, courageous, and resilient.
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I immediately thought "Oh no...that can't be!  We may all be in trouble now!!!  Woman LOL