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I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

I went to a mall that used to be one of the nicest around. I haven't been in a while because it's not that close to us.



But I wanted some things from BBW, and the 3 stores around us were out of stock. It WAS in stock at this one, so late this afternoon I went to pick the items up. 



I walked down one of the entrance halls and looked to my right. The flagship department store that was taken over by Macy's was boarded up. Even Macy's had left. I looked up and saw the balcony with hanging lights that used to be part of a nice restaurant. I remember eating there - it was always lucky if you got to sit and eat on the balcony - watching to make sure my children didn't get too close to the edge while we were eating. Below was the remnants of a once beautiful fountain. The statue in the middle was gone. 



I walked down the one side to one of the other former flagship department stores. It is now a Barnes & Noble. There are maybe 5 stores along the way, mostly catering to teens. I saw one chain jewelry store. I saw the spot where Hollister used to be, next to what was Victoria's Secret. 




 I passed the once busy food court. The popular news/magazine stand was gone. There were two food places, one pizza, and another I'd never heard of. Interesting though, all of the tables they had in the sunny space and around the corner were still there.




 The AMC theater is still there; the restaurant next to it, and the Subway next to that are gone. They are both boarded up.




 I turned to go back down the third hallway. The one remaining small department store was straight ahead. I walked past a former popular cafeteria-style restaurant. Of course it was gone, boarded up with a design of a restaurant in Europe painted on it. But the ever-present Hallmark store is where it always was.



There were a few other small stores around the department store, but I wasn't familiar with most. I did see Spencer Gifts and Hot Topic.




 I talked to one of the SA's in BBW. Her dad lives in one of the outdoor "malls" with stores and restaurants and apartments above them, and she told me he has problems parking because there are no specific parking spots for residents. She also said one of the mall's owners has told them he has had interest from stores and restaurants. But then she said they've been hearing that for a year. 



As I explored I looked up at the skylights and down at the clean floors that were wider than some in other malls.




 I thought, "What a waste," and although I know it won't happen, I thought why can't some of the current popular stores go in and give us options we used to have. Wouldn't it be nice to see things in person again?



I left feeling sad because I know what it used to be like to really enjoy shopping with friends, spending a Saturday together, and having lunch together. Smiley Sad




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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

Between the internet sales and people smashing and grabbing and wild ****** with guns. It's a sad  time.

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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

@beach-mom It's so sad to see such a downfall.  Change is inevitable however in our past change was usually for the better.  


Our parents were grateful to see their hard work pay off and they were proud to give us a better life.  


As @SharkE says public places are not as safe as they were, truly a shame.


Your post had me picture great day trips with friends, was such a different time.


And growing up in SF we had the luxury of fancy dinners at the Mark Hopkins, the Fairmont for proms, parents' friends coming into town, girlfriend lunches and shopping at beautiful stores, all a thing of the long gone past.  So thankful we no longer live there and have adjusted and can enjoy the beauty of Colorado.  

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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

But there was a time when retailers actually carried what customers wanted, not low end MIC, this is all we got kwap.


I have great memories, too. Afternoons shopping with my BFF when I was first out on my own. The Hunt for that perfect item at a great price and sitting down to lunch with your bags, so happy with your "finds".


Then there was the search for the holiday season's must have toy!


Maybe it's a dumbing down of American's expectations?


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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

The higher end outdoor mall around here is doing relatively well. The indoor malls, no. Part of it is the times, a good part is stores own fault imo because stores like JCP, Kohls, Macys started carrying junk. Their buyers should be fired.

I also think at some point there were too many malls built to be sustainable.

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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

Crime is overlooked and people don't work for a living in many instances.  Entitlement has led to this.  We think everyone deserves everything just because.  

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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

@SharkE wrote:

Between the internet sales and people smashing and grabbing and wild ****** with machetes. It's a sad  time.





Decided to edit your comments. Why? Because it is true. 


Once again "it's people wielding weapons", which are all inanimate objects. They all have a human(?) that decides what purpose they are used.


hckynut 🇺🇸


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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

It's definitely sad how the mall era has ended. I too have good memories of shopping for all of life's big events with friends and family members. And then afterwards you hit the McDonald's or the food court for burgers or sundaes, and relish the satisfaction of good purchases and the momentous events before you. 


But I rarely go to malls anymore. Because the good stores have closed. Or the remaining stores no longer have the things I need. Or because parking and travel is too much of a hassle. 


Lately I've been hearing how the stores in our local mall are often closed because they can't find the employees to keep them open. Even Sephora is often closed. 


Definitely the end of an era. 

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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

There have been times I've enjoyed mall shopping but not many. I went over the weekend and was reminded of one of the reasons it's not for me. You walk in and are bombarded with music that is just not my cup of tea. Major turn off and didn't want to be there longer than necessary. 


It is unfortunate that so much has changed in so many ways in so short a time.

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Re: I Went to a Mall and it Made Me Cry

The mall closest to me still has Dillard's which I'm happy about. We also get our nails done in the Spa Salon.


All other stores are unknown to me.


The food court is long gone.