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Re: I Turned on My Heat Today

The one thing I refuse to do is be too hot or too cold in my own home.  I don't care what it costs to heat or use a/c in my house, I'm paying it.  


My heat has been on since sometime in October.  It got very cold here in Ohio so I put it on to take the chill out but during the day it warmed up enough that it wouldn't turn on.  Then we got a really warm spell for about a week and then back to cold and the heat.


At night I keep my thermostat at 66. During the day it's at 68 when we aren't home and generally 70 when I am home.  If it's really cold outside, we have to bump it up to 72.   

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Re: I Turned on My Heat Today

I love the winter and only break down and turn the heat on when a real cold spell comes our way.  I usually even leave a window cracked all day just so that there is a chill when I get home.  This morning was our first time here in my part of Texas to drop from the 60's and 50's range down to 36º.  My thermostat read 68º when I got up but I still have not turned on the heat.  I did not crack my window today before I left but with highs in the 50's it will be warm enough when I get home.  The Texas chill is so much enjoyable than the Texas heat.  I take full advantage of it. 

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