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Re: I Miss Steve Bryant - But Only In October

I thought he came across as pompous, affected and self-important.  The only thing he ever sold me (and HE didn't sell it to me, the product sold it to me)... was the Molly Dallas collection.  I still have what I purchased, beautifully made and cute spongeware items and I intended to slowly collect as much as I could culminating in the dinnerware set. However the creator became ill or something and stopped designing and manufacturing them which left us all high and dry, including Mr. Bryant who said he owned a lot including the dinnerware set.


I never did sit through one of his Halloween shows.  I'm not a Halloween girl at all and really had a hard time listening to this man condescend and talk down to his audience.... really didn't like it.  When he left I thought, well.... at least I don't have to avoid him anymore.  I was surprised at his lengthy venom towards QVC, and whomever had crossed him over the years.


It must be quite a weight to carry around that much hatred year after year..... Woman Sad 

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