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Happy Birthday!  You're the same age as me, now! Yay for us!

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Happy Birthday & happy shopping. 🎉🎈🎂

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Happy Birthday to you!!!!!   




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Many returns of the day!  You're still a girl so enjoy your day and don't forget to play a little!

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You're still a young thing 'CAT' !!  Congrats.



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Enjoy your day, enjoy your year!

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Happy Birthday youngun!

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(  \     (  \

    -      -

(       +       )       Just hopping by to say Hi, and

                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day with your kitties and other animal family and friends, and have a wonderful upcoming year! Smiley Happy

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Happy Birthday!

and thank you for not saying 56 years young. Old is not a four letter word, like some think it is. 

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