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I love it too!  But I pretty much only listen to the Broadway channel of Showtunes.  


I also have it on my computer.

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We listen on Echo Show.  Since we have a couple scattered throughout the house we can play holiday music on all the devices at the same time.  It sounds so nice!

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I upgraded to All Access a few years ago.  My recent renewal that I negotiated was $89 a year (and then all the taxes and fees on top of that).


I listen through my Echo Show.


There are lots of channels on All Access.  


779 is a George Strait channel for a limited time.


I like when they run the Billy Joel channel on 30.


My main channels are:


112 - CNBC

20 - Springsteen

55 - Garth Brooks


I can't remember the numbers of these:


Willie Nelson's Roadhouse


HLN on nights and weekends I listen to Forensic Files which is interesting and creepy at the same time.


Dave Ramsey has a channel in the 700s that replays his shows all day long.

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I like Sirius but don't like the price. We just keep signing up for freebies. Heart

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I've had SiriusXM for ~20 years. I hate, hate, hate the commercials! You say, "what commercials"? The host talking and talking,talking, talking about nothing!!!!!!