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I like Shawn also to a point. That skirt was horrible. Looked like a penquin from one angle then a feather from another. She is a good sales person and seems nice. 

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I like when she has the inspirational jewelry on and don't feel it's preachy at all . So glad she stands up and does this .
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Don't care for her at all, especially with Issac

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@appleseed wrote:

I just had to turn the channel as she got preachy about trying to "actualize" HER hopes and dreams, which I don't understand since she says she prays and surrenders to God. Can't have it both ways, kids... 


Not sure I understand this. How do we know that God's hopes and dreams are not the same for her as her own hopes and dreams?

Is she meant to sit around and wait for Him to hand it to her on a silver platter, or does God expect her to cooperate in ways that make those things happen? 

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This post has been removed by QVC. Comments could be seen as unkind to host.

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Do not enjoy watching her on any of her programs.

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I have a problem with implying that rubbing rings that say "hear my soul speak" fall into the category of faith or inspirational jewelry.  That phrase comes from Shakespeare.  I believe people should be told by the host the origin of that phrase.

"Hear my soul speak.  The very instant I saw you did my heart fly to your service."  The Tempest.

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I like her too....but not that look.


I'm pretty traditional when it comes to hemlines.......LOVED the top though.

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I think the Q has done a good job of hiring different personalities for their hosts.  I know that people say they tune in for the merchandise and don't care about the host but a vast majority seem to tune in if they like a host.  Witness the wonderful gushing over Antonella whenever I've seen her on a show and guests phone in.  I think the Q is very aware that hosts attract viewers, simple as that.  Obviously Shawn appeals to many in the viewing audience. 

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A sales clerk is not ordained to preach to the multitudes.  If you are paid to present jewelry you are expected to extol the structure, composition, form of the jewelry.  


If by the way you conduct your life, if in your treatment of others you exemplified God's Way you might be equipped to preach but QVC is not the proper arena. 


No one has the right to shove their "faith" in my face  especially if they consistenly display characteristics foreign to all faiths.