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My left lower farthest back molar broke in half and I can't get in to see the dentist, of course.  I called her and she said they can't be open until April 24, and maybe not even then if our governor extends the stay at home regulation.  However, since I'm not in pain, all they can do is put me on the list and then when they can be open they will prioritize appointments.  If I lose more of the tooth, if I can't keep it clean of food, or if I start having pain I have to call her.


This pandemic makes me realize just how much I have taken some things for granted.  

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If the nerve is's gonna start hurting.....BAD.   I would think a broken tooth would be considered  an  emergency.........

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Welcome to the broken tooth club.  I broke mine a week ago and since I have no pain it's not considered an emergency.  Broke the last left molar on top.  Talked to my dentist and she said her office isn't open until May 18th.  Said to call her if it hurts, is sensitive to hot and if it seems to be infected.  I do have a night guard so I can wear that at night.  I've accepted the wait but know that if there is a problem she will see me.  Darn and I have benefits left on my dental insurance for the year which expires on April 30th.  Good Luck.

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Re: I Just Broke My Tooth

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My dentist in Chicago is open for Emergency cases, of which, your's would be one!  He just wears a mask while working on patients.  I don't know where you live, but I would definitely check around!  Even doctors offices are Open for Emergencies!  They don't expect people to suffer in pain, a long with all of the other stresses we are going through! 
Good Luck!  Stay Safe!  😷

BTW Chicago has really strict Stay at Home rules now too! 

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Sorry to hear that.  Anything dental is a fear I hold.  I've had that pain before and want no repeats.  I'm glad you don't have any for now.  Keep it clean, eat on the other side of your mouth if you can.

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Dentists were given approval to handle all emergencies. I hope you can get in soon. 
You are right we don't realize what we had till it's gone. Yesterday our ice maker on fridge went goofy and I noticed to dishwasher was leaking. So, no ice for us and I have been hired to wash all the dishes. 

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Same thing happened to me a week or so ago.  I have been using the temporary filling repair stuff you can get at a drug store or on Amazon and not chewing on that side.  There's only a teeny little bit in the container and the stuff falls out after a few days, so I have to keep reapplying it.  So, if you get some, I would suggest getting multiples.  It's worked so far for me in making sure the rest of my filling doesn't fall out causing me pain.

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Sorry to hear. Hope you won't have any problems with it. 

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Dentists in Northern Virginia can see patients on an emergency basis. So far, I'd say you're lucky it isn't hurting, so I'd recommend calling her as soon as you start feeling twinges or any pain in case she can't see you right away. 

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I was at the dentist just prior to all this happening. Still I worry all the time about my teeth. They are old like me. Hope you have no issues until you can have it checked..