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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

@Tinkrbl44 wrote:

 So ..... if you can charge your EV at home, how much does your electric bill increase per month?   I think that's a key question here.  


Anyone ?


My friend drives an electric car and has for years, hers is 2015 model.  She said her electric bill had a slight bump when she first bought the car but it wasn't significant enough to do the math to figure how much.  She lives across the street from me in an identical model house built by the same builder.  Her electric bill is legit only a few dollars more than mine.


Her car is the same model year as my mine.  The only maintenance she's done to it is to replace the tires.  In that same time, I've had oil changes, tranmission fluid changes, brakes (twice), and other expected maintenance.  The $4,000 she'll eventually need to spend to replace the battery doesn't seem so bad in that regard.  (And she's 7 years in and the battery still charges and works as expected.)


Some of you act like you've never used anything with a rechargeable battery.  It's not like the charge just randomly runs out.  There's metrics on the dash and the car's GPS will locate the closest charging stations.  We went on a road trip a few months ago.  Having to wait 30 minutes at a charger wasn't really that much trouble.  We stretched our legs, used the restroom, and got a snack.  I'd do that if I was filling up my tank on a trip that long.  It only took a few more minutes.  Honestly, when gas was that high this summer, I probably would have skipped that trip if it meant filling the tank on my Cadillac.  For her normal workday commute and tooling around town, she doesn't even have to charge every day.  Her car has a small gas generator that holds a gallon and half of gas for emergencies.  


Yes, generating electricity uses fossils fuels.  But the impact is still less to the environment operating all these ICE vehicles.


Some of you just sound too obstinate to adopt new technology.

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

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@occasionalrain  Since there are many good points about not wanting an electric car here is a summary:

   The initial investment is expensive and pretty much out of reach for a large section of the population.  


Their batteries need rare metals - for all those claiming these cars are better for the environment please note: You have to mine lithium for the batteries.

Lithium mining destroys the soil structure and leads to unsustainable water table reduction. In the end, it depletes water resources, leaving the land too dry and exposing ecosystems to the risk of extinction. And making electric cars creates more emissions  So it's really NOT good for the environment.   


There aren't enough charging points. FYI  the U.S. does NOT have the power grid and nor are we close to having a power grid that could possibly support all electric vehicles.  

:     .Electricity isn't Free. ...
       Longer Recharge Time. vs filling up with gas.
       They are normally 2 Seaters. ...
       And yes the battery expensive $10,000 -$20,000 and that does not include the labor. Part of the problem is the sheer weight of an EV battery.  The average EV battery weighs about 1,000 pounds. Some batteries weigh more than 2,000 pounds. The heaviest EV battery is the Hummer EV battery, which weighs around 2,923 pounds.  The average weight of a hybrid battery is 118 lbs.   And btw the average cost of replacement for a "hybrid" car battery is between $2,000 and $8,000
      Finally the most common EV problem areas were "in-car electronics, noises and leaks, power equipment, climate system, body hardware, drive system, and paint and trim,"  Which to me at the price point they sell these at means NOPE not for me.  Because if something goes wrong it HAS to go back to the dealer. You can't use your local mechanic if you do you invalidate the warranty.  
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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

No.  Afraid we will be "forced" into it.

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

I would love one but there would have to be a ton of improvements and changes to the cars themselves and the whole infrastructure of charging stations, the power grid etc. I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.  

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

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The country is not ready for all is a pipe dream and I am totally against it being shoved down my throat.


My husband wanted to buy a new car, a sedan....we cannot find a sedan that is gas powered.  I am in a rural area and if we bought something other than a Ford, Chevy, etc we would have to travel 60 miles for service, we are not going to do that.

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

@drizzellla wrote:

And how is all the electricity for the cars going to be generated?

Nuclear power plants are no longer being built and are being shut down. Coal mining is being killed. So is drilling for gas. And pipelines are being closed.


Saw an article tonight that trees in forest are being cut down. They are making wood pellets for people in Europe this winter.


So how are we going to have all the electricity we will need. Guess we will only be able to drive a car when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing.


I am so glad that there is a well thought out plan in place for all these electric cars. 


And I didn't even touch on all the minerals needed to make the batteries. China has already cornered the market of many of the minerals needed. And can you see large companies parking lots? It is hard enough getting a parking spot at times. Imagine the arguments over who gets to park near a charger.


I agree 100%.  Also, the batteries are toxic to dispose of.  Where will they go?  And the batteries are expensive!!  

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

I would consider it.  However, there are too many unanswered questions about safety, cost, infrastructure, environmental damage, and EV use in cold weather states, that have been ignored.  All these issues need to be addressed.  These are just the tip of the iceberg issues.  There are more.


The prices for lithium are surging right now.  Even a locked in price won't stay like that forever.


Not everyone can afford a Tesla...they run about $67,000 and a new battery can be $20,000 plus $200 an hour labor charges on top of that.  


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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

Is there a reason we never did the corn for gas which I believe is ethanol? It's been talked about for decades. We grow corn in this country like nobody's business. 


I almost feel like California and Texas are afraid of being replaced on the power scale by Iowa and Nebraska. 


And what about the semis and trailers that haul our food and most everything else we buy? If we think we've seen supply chain issues recently, wait until they try and haul those kind of weights and cargo with an electric vehicle. 


I almost want to buy everyone popcorn for the Walmart brigade of trucks alone. 

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

The first generation of tractor trailers is on the way.  I think the cold weather states will struggle with the efficiency of the EV battery though.

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Re: I Don't Want An Electric Car, Do You?

I really don't care as long as it takes me where I want to go smoothly, and comfortably, then I don't really care how it's powered