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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!


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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

@nyc1 wrote:

If that is truly how you feel, then good for you.  If you change your mind down the road, you can always purchase a minimal amout of what you need.

Personally,  I LOVE MAKE UP and ENJOY putting it on.  It makes me feel great and finished.   I use a little less on the weekends than I do when I'm going to work M-F.

My Mom wore make up until the day she died at 94.  She was so proud of the way she looked when she had it on.   

@nyc1Me too!!! I love make up and it makes me feel good.  Even if I don't go out I put it on.  When I don't, I am told I look tired.  I'm am doing it for me.  Plus I love trying new make up.Smiley Happy

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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

I might look into the product @1Snickers  mentioned, but I'm with you @CrazyKittyLvr2 . Luckily I have nothing to toss because I only have a few Clinique products on my bathroom counter, and I use them daily.

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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

I'm still working at 65, so I still wear makeup...and I really do enjoy applying it! I did give up eyeshadow last summer and haven't missed it.


I have small features in a rather large face and they need some definition, especially my eyes. I've recently learned how to tightline (well, I'm still practicing, lol!), so I just do that with my top liner on top of the lashes, just the tightline. I also line under my lower lashes. That, mascara and maybe just a bit of highlighter on the lids in enough for me. Thankfully my brows don't yet need help! 


I have cut down on the "amount" of foundation I wear, and it's been years since I bothered with concealer. Lips are sheer colors over a lipliner for me. My makeup probably takes about 5 minutes, and I just feel better when I do it. Now whether I "look" better is another subject!

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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

@sunshine45 wrote:



let me tell you something funny......


my mom decided she wanted to be cremated because she didnt want anyone else to do her makeup because she does it so well herself. LOL


I just about spit out my wine laughing! 🤣 🤣 

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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

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@luvmyteddy4 wrote:

Not me, I still love makeup and will wear it forever! It makes me feel good too...


Me too!  I love experimenting, trying new things, etc.  I don't feel right unless I'm wearing makeup.  I don't go anywhere without eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick at the very least.  Usually I wear more than that.  I love feeling put together and I love the feeling that I'm putting my best face forward.  I don't do it for other people.  I do it for me!


If I disliked it, I wouldn't wear it.  We should all do whatever makes us happiest.

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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

@PA Mom-mom wrote:

@CrazyKittyLvr2  I am in your boat. In my case, I've spent so much time in the sun from childhood, that there is no hope for me anymore. i gave makeup up about 5 years ago, when I realized my co-workers didn't think I was a slacker if I didn't wear makeup. Many of them don't wear it either. Besides, most makeup made my eyes water. Now I keep some eye makeup around for weddings, etc.


@tsavorite wrote:

Not for me since I have rosacea I will be applying foundation forever...and told the husband he must put it on me if something like an emergency happens LOL!!  


@tsavorite  You may eventually shake that rosacea. I had rosacea after my third child was born and finally got rid of it 8 years later. I hope you have tried all of the topical prescriptions. There was one that worked for me, but I can't remember the name. Also, there are green tinted concealers to counteract the redness. You can wear them under your makeup. Yes, for rosacea you pretty much need makeup, but it should go away at some point, I think.


@PA Mom-mom  I have had rosacea for 23yrs and my 50's now and I have tried everything there is to try or use....from topicals to oral meds to laser.  I have it managed to the best that it can be and then I apply my spf and foundation...and I feel like a "normal" skin person!  Just avoid anything that could bother it and if one day I wake up and it's gone that would be amazing but I am not allowing it to get me down...just slap some cover up on and go on with my life.  When it was really flared up I couldn't do that...everything made it worse so I consider it a blessing I can apply spf/foundation with no issues now.

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Re: I Did It, I Tossed All My Make-up!

I don’t have a ton of makeup, but at this point in my life I am not ready to give it up. I have switched from heavier liquid foundations to tinted moisturizers, but eyeliner & mascara really make a big difference for me. I’m not working right now so I don’t wear makeup as often, but I still make up my face when going out.