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We had a lost three year old wandering our neighborhood this weekend. DH knew which farm she came from because they had a group of kids playing outside. When parents found her they said "we told her not to cross the highway". Poor child! A three year old cannot comprehend the danger of crossing the road by herself.

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people have no concept of how to raise a child nowdays.

They don't mind creating them, after that they figure out "hey this is gonna be work for the next 20 yrs".   Turn them over to teachers, staff at library, daycare, TV set, pc's, etc.


when you got a kid you can't turn your back for a second.

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@Anonymous032819   You did the right thing.


For those who would blast music right back at them-you may win that battle but you have now annoyed other neighbors who were bothered already by the very people you are "teaching a lesson".


Think about it.

""Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." -Rumi
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@Anonymous032819    oh I totally understand... when people play the music with the bass up so high it  vibrates through your skull  and it is almost painful.  I am fortunate at this time to live on a very quiet street.    I hope that they tone down the music.

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@nun ya - least the annoying neighbors are patriotic annoying neighbors!!