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@winkk wrote:

I sent an email to QVC saying how boring the programming is.  It is the same products over and over.  But, as long as they are making money I don't think they care.



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...Thatshould r4ea

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That should read 30 days.... 

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I rarely watch QVC anymore...I agree same stuff ad infinitum. Smiley Frustrated

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@Krimpette wrote:

I'm always amused by that bowl of suds.  They pour so much product out, of course it's going to make tons of suds!!!!

I think they pour so much product out hoping we customers will be dumb enough to think that's how much you're supposed to use.  If you used that much you'd go through a 32 oz bottle in a couple of weeks .  Then of course you'd have to come right back to buy more!

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When I saw the schedule and it said TSV Philosophy and of course,, followed by Dooney and Burke, I thought it must be some kind of a joke. Hours and hours, days and days of Philosphy and Dooney and Burke.


I hardly ever watch QVC any more. If Laura Geller is on, I watch her because I like her products and more importantly, I like her as a person.


When David Venable is on, I watch him because he seems genuine and I just enjoy him.


Otherwise, I no longer watch. I can't even put my finger on why,