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Do not wish to offend anyone - but I am so sick of Philosophy, Dooney, Vionic, Christmas in July - screeeeeeam.  

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I was considering the Philosophy TSV for a nanosecond until I realized how small the bottles are.  



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Totally agree.    Too much of the same lines on over and over.  I hardly ever see any Bare Escentuals TSV's or jewelry lines like Veronese, Artisan Crafted and others.


I get bored on QVC a lot more than I used to.

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I agree with the OP but she forgot to add Temp-tations to the list.

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Re: I Am Having A Moment!

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Sometimes I think I'll scream if I see another bowl of suds.  I don't even watch those shows ever but just checking channels I see dozens of them. You'd think they'd be embarrassed to continue with the same tired demo.  Those demos have kept me from ever trying a Philosophy product.

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Same old suds different day. To much repeat of products. How much can you buy? 

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Wish I was.


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I'm always amused by that bowl of suds.  They pour so much product out, of course it's going to make tons of suds!!!!

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I sent an email to QVC saying how boring the programming is.  It is the same products over and over.  But, as long as they are making money I don't think they care.

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I won't be buying Philosophy products since I purchsed their TSV about this time last year.  While everything seemed ok when I got it, half way through the body butter it ran out of scent!  Totally no scent, like putting crisco on my arm.  Same thing with the fragrance, which was super sized.  All the fragrances were in Falling In Love.  The body scrub (in the shower) DID last, but the other two were worthless to me.  I even had DH smell everything in case I suddently developed a smelling problem... he couldn't smell any fragrance either.  By the time this happened, the 3 days were up.


That set was a little over $80 on TSV.  I won't chance that kind of money again, therefore... no more Philosophy.  And I loved it when it the scent lasted... Woman Frustrated

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