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Since I have cancelled my beauty box subscription, I have money burning a hole in my pocket. I was thinking of subscribing to Netflix or Hulu, I'm wondering which is better, has more to offer? Also do either Hulu or Netflix show current seasons of shows, maybe shown on a one day delay? I know each one airs original content, does either one air recent movies?

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Re: Hulu Or Netflix

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I have Hulu and I don't watch it very often. It's the only streaming service I've ever used and frankly I find it very frustrating to find shows that I want to watch. There is no conventional 'TV guide' to view and you have to scroll through a lot of stuff or type in titles to find what you need. I don't have the patience for this so that's why I don't watch it much. They air most shows the day after they come on the regular networks. The ones they show are limited but there are still many.

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We have both. There are exclusive series on both channels that I watch. But next year, we’re switching to another streaming service.

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I have both, you should look into SlingTv too.......

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Netflix hands down! I had Hulu and didn't renew, nothing much on it. Netflix has an awful lot to watch!!!

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Love Netflix.



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Netflix is phenomenal!

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Re: Hulu Or Netflix

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I had both Hulu and Netflix and recently cancelled my Hulu subscription. I LOVE Netflix, but really didn't find much to get excited about on Hulu. 


I believe both still offer a free 30 day trial for new subscribers. You could always try both and cancel the one you like least before the trial is up.

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We use them both. We also use youtube a lot; you can find a lot of old '50s monster movies on there. There's also a very good preacher I watch on there by the name of Charles Lawson.

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We had both but canceled Hulu after a short time.


Love Netflix!