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On recent items I ordered.  I was going thru checking to see if my orders had price drops!  WOW.  Some had increased by $30.

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Hold off on buying then.
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I've claimed many price adjustments in the past month on lowered prices, some quite significant.  Not everything has gone up.  There have been some nice clearance prices.  I've filled in my fall wardrobe with clearance long sleeve French terry tops that apparently arrived too late for last winter.

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@rms1954  Was it possibly a one show or one day only price?  There have been alot of them lately where the price was good for only that short time period then was going up to the regular QVC price.

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Re: Huge Price Increases

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@hopi wrote:
Hold off on buying then.

I believe the purchases had already been made, before the (rat tailed) price increases occurred, luckily.


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Nothing in my WL has had a price increase.


Nothing I have ordered in the past 30 days has had a price increase, other than the ODO and OSO priced items I ordered.


2 reductions which I got credit for.

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Good for you! So far I don't really need anything, but it would be nice to find a few tops. We are trying a new church, so everything I wear will look new to everyone there!