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Do you check/"look over" your receipts?

A. Always

B.  Sometimes 

C.'s just money. 🤔



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I check my CC online daily to make sure all of the purchases are either mine or my husband's but I rarely check receipts, other than the occasional grocery store one

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Same as tansy.

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Always, always, always.


I find quite a few errors, especially  at the grocery store.  Sometimes  I am overcharged, and sometimes undercharged.


Last week, I got l most $6 worth of asparagus free. The store cashier never rang it up.

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Re: How often..?

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Always!! I don't leave the parking lot of anyplace I shop until I've checked my receipt I also check my bank info and cc info online daily.

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I've noticed fast food drive in windows sometimes don't give receipts and don't take coupons off. 
 I'm bad at math but can quickly know about how much it should be. Today I was short changed $2. On a sandwich! 
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Between A and B! I would say most of the time. If I'm in a hurry it doesn't always happen, but I do get around to it eventually!  Smiley Wink

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Did you go back and pay for the asparagus? Otherwise it's stealing. 

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Always look at my receipts. I look before I leave the store.

Several years back the bank teller sent us $600 back when we asked for $60. Sent the envelope back and she got snippy with me when I said she might want to check it again. She didn't even thank me, but there is no way I could have not said anything. Karma has teeth.