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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

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See, that brings up another point about people turning around and getting hurt and/or possible damage to their vehicle. As I mentioned in a previous post, hubby insists on posting those tacky red reflectors at the edge of the driveway to deter people from going on the grass. Well, more than once, we have had to pick the reflectors up off the ground because someone drove over them. If they get their vehicle scratched it would not surprise me if they try to hold us responsible. It is crazy, but I do not put anything past people these days.  


I just do not get people using our driveway when there is a huge intersection people can use that is perfectly visible from the front of our house. Much easier too, and more room, to go up and use the intersection than turning around in a driveway. Are people really that lazy that they do not want to drive a few extra yards..?!? Guess so.


mominohio, that stinks about your pond. Glad you finally got it to where they can't drain your pond any more.  

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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

You can have a million do not enter swimming signs but if your pool, steps, any decking, or filter is not up to are liable.


Also we have to have an alarm on when the pool is not in use. It is a PIA when winds...birds, anything hits the water in the middle of the night. Mind you have no ladder, the filter is certain distance required by law/code from the side so nobody can climb up stand on it and get in (kids..) we have a locking gate on the stairs/steps and the railing has to be so many inches apart so that nobody can fit in and sneak in that way..and we still had to put a million dollar rider on the insurance.

Mind you - we of course do not want any little kids or anybody to get in and get hurt or drown etc...we get can get out in a split second..but no amount of signs cover a swimming pool..You literally have a million town codes that you need to jump thru!!

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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

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I just caught up - two pages back (on pg 1), people were talking about having people block their driveway.


We've had that before when people park on our little street waiting for their kids to get out of school.  Never mind that there is a HUGE parking log at the school, and it's on a very large corner with a ton of parking all along the two streets.


But there is a little walkway, a few houses up my street, that connects my street with this school.   So these people block our street picking up their kids.   Sometimes they just stop right out in the middle of our streetl! 


Many of them get here way early and will block driveways and whatever they want.  I was leaving my house for an appt one day and some lady was parking across my entire driveway, just sitting in her car.  


I asked her to move it and she acted like she had every bit of rights to park there.   what?    How about go wait where you're actually by/at the school, or at least don't block peoples' driveways.  I've seen it numerous times when I wasn't going anywhere but it still ticked me off. Sometimes they even leave the vehicle and are walking around or talking to each other. If I have an emergency and have to leave, I'd have to go find the driver, get them back to their stupid car, and get them to move.


This definitely bothers me but turn-arounds don't.  But then I'm not in a place where that is a problem.  Maybe if it was a problem on my street, I could totally understand it being annoying and aggravating, especially when they're ruining your lawn/landscape.


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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

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My opinion on this subject, you all need more things to do.  What is wrong with someone turning around my getting in your yard and messing up your land that is not right but to be lost or whatever and need to turn around.........I think this is so silly.

So says the queen of trespassing. * eyeroll*

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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

We have a gate, so we don't have to worry about it.

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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

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I think to post such a sign is being very petty. 



So I guess then it is not petty to have ruts in our yard from people using our driveway to turn around..? Or some careless driver to cause a potential accident by doing this...?


It is a tricky area to pull out of, let alone back out of, not looking or paying attention. Being on a cell phone and not looking, backing up like a bat out of hell. I would venture a bet that it is a matter of time that she gets hit. I would rather it not be on my property, thank you. 



Her turning around in your driveway and potentially having an accident because she's in a blind spot is not your problem.  It's her car, her judgement, her problem.


Putting a sign up is, in my opinion, a waste of time and money.


If it's so annoying, either put something across the end of the driveway to stop her or go stand there and block the end of the driveway every afternoon when school is being let out.




 It most certainly could be her problem if the car is mostly on her property when hit!!  It could end up being her homeowner's insurance is made to pay for this selfish trespasser!!!! 


Since when does the LIABILITY portion of HOMEOWNERS insurance cover AUTOMOBILE accidents?


That would be like traveling through a parking lot of a store, someone backs out of a space and broadsides the car traveling down the lane...

You're going to sue the lot owner for the damages because you were on their property?  It doesn't work that way...

That is exactly why the stores post all over that they are not responsible for accidents or they could be sued!!!  I know this because my dad had a business and his homeowner/business insurance had to pay a claim for a person who had an accident backing out of his parking .  Since this person was coming from private property and was hit while the majority of their car was on his property, their insurance did not have to pay. 

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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

How long until the kid finishes with that school?  Summer break can't be too far off at least. 


Maybe go check your mailbox and then ask her Can I help you? And then when she tells you what she's doing, just give her a puzzled look and say, Oh, I thought the cars were supposed to wait by the intersection. 





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Re: How do you feel about no turn around signs for driveway?

That's one of my pet peeves!  I never turn around in anyone's yard. The only exception would be a long skinny rural road where you really have no choice. Even then I hate to have to do it. But most I see doing it are in subdivisions. Really?  You can't drive to the culdesac or a cross street?  People are beyond lazy and inconsiderate.