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How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

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I'm sitting here, looking at the screen sipping away at my hot, frothy, sugar-free cappuccino, made esp more chocolate-y with Dark Choc Collagen powdr.   hmmmmmmm


How 'bout you?  How do you "Power Down?"

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

I have so many sleep issues going back to preschool.  I like to turn on qvc sometimes, sometimes I watch Friends re-runs, I play online word games.  These are probably not advised for sleep issues, but I've tried everthing that doesn't work, so, I do something I enjoy. And, a couple cookies are always nice.

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?



I hear ya. At one time, or another, I had difficulty sleeping *all* the time,  & I would play "Cubis 3" on the web, (until they removed it,citing, "no longer supported.")  

   I think I may even have "trained myself" to get sleepy playing it, sorta like "Pavlov's dog."  heh


My sister has struggled with *no sleep* *ALL* her life, & finally she has what she calls "edibles." which seem to allow her abt 3 hrs of sleep a night' (until she "gets used to them," she says)    At least better than the zero sleep that she's used to, anyway.


Many claim that "sleep deprivation" is at the source of many of society's problems now.  (Provided it's not some new "bed" commercial  heh), I wouldnt be surprised.  I doubt the body can keep dealing with stress & life, with "no down time" for long.


Good luck @Flyer98   Maybe some responses here might help?  Woman Happy

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

Hi there @MakeUpMaidn 


Let me see! I've always kept a pretty even keel most of my adult life. Power Up! Power Down!


Only things in my life that followed a pattern were work/obligations/schedules involving others.


Having worked: 4pm-Midnight/Midnight-8am/8am-4pm, powering down was never a set standard. 


Now! Sometimes I call it at 1am/2am, it's now 3:30am, and not powering down. When! Who knows, not me. And no drinks/foods or other rituals.  


hckynut 🇺🇸

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

I worked "graveyard" for years....and I can sleep ON COMMAND.

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

I say the Lord's Prayer and take several deep cleansing breaths while laying in bed...that usuallly gets me headed in the right direction.

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

I have 20 of my favorite Law & Order episodes on my DVR. I hit the "play all" command and let them run all night. I am usually asleep before the Order segment begins on the first episode. If I awake during the night, I have something going that lulls me back to sleep.


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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

My body is really sensitive to what I eat. Having cappuccino with cocoa powder or cookies would be the death of my sleep (sugar and/or caffeine).  I rarely eat later than 6:00 pm so my body doesn't have to digest hard into the night. 

I pop a melatonin which helps 

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

I usually nod off on the couch at about 930 or so, get up and go to bed at 11, give the cats their bedtime treat, turn on Murder She Wrote or Bones and drift off.....the TV stays on all night.

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Re: How d'ya "Power Down" at Night?

Turn on the TV, hit the couch, gone...............