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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

Not knowing your living circumstances, may I suggest the best way to get your mind off of oneself is to help others.  If you are capable there are many organizations that could probably use help.


Im so sorry that you are struggling being alone at this time.  I will pray for you.

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

I go out every day. Usually for a walk around the neighborhood, but I go the store 2 or 3 times per week, and I volunteer for Meals on Wheels once a week. Of course, I follow all the recommended CDC guidelines, but I would go batso really fast if I had to stay in 24/7. I also talk to friends and family by telephone, and it's a good thing I have unlimited texting on my phone! I also practice my guitar lessons and I exercise (almost) every day. Still, I'm very lonesome for face-to-face contact. I especially miss my children and grandchildren as we all live in different parts of the country.

I am aware of the risks of this virus, because I had an earlier strain of COVID about 2 years ago. It's pretty bad, but so is the long-term mental effect of loneliness and isolation. You just have to weigh the  pros and cons and do what you have to do to live your life the best way you can.

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

I am a widow for 6 years now and believe me it is hard.  Our daughter lives 3 hours away and the weekend before the virus hit, i was visiting her and my 4 yr old grandson.

Stayed 4 weeks and she asked me to take her dog home with me...she must have known i would need someone..and she is correct..he keeps me hopping and its someone i do talk to..

Do go out grocery shopping twice and i order take out food to keep the small businesses in my area open..some deliver on the porch and i do pick up when necessary.

Talk to friends on the phone and on line over the fence and go for a little drive with cheap gas ironic.

Keep an upper chin and smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to..Hang in there!!

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

I find myself fighting depression and tearing up.  My hair grows so quickly and I look  and feel terrible. By the time we begin to reopen  the end of May, it will be 12 weeks. I feel for those who are financially strapped and jobless as have been there in 2008, the students not getting a proper education, and all who have been affected by Covid19. Our low populated county of 15,000 has only had two cases. The constant regulation changing gets to me. Now what?


I feel out of sight out of mind and few calls, very little mail. People are hibernating.My two dogs and their enjoyment of our still open dog park help. Only a couple of dogs there and one couple is the only people I talk to.


I notice more activity on the boards and have learned alot. I refuse to engage in FB as prefer meaningful and useful information. I read more, a good thing and get my 4mile daily walk in. I have  no parents ,siblings or children and cousins who dont contact .I am grateful for my good health. Taking a day at a time like most people. It is warming and greening up more so it helps to get some sun outside. I upped my Vitamin D after my annual physical  just before the Stay at Home ,as get depressed. 

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

@gellen  Sorry you are having a difficult time. I finsd happiness in small things. If you are able , put on a mask and take a walk in a SAFE AREA IN THE MORNINGS ESPECIALLY. tHE WEATHER IS NICE, FLOWERS ARE BLOOMING, PEOPLE ARE WALKING WITH THEIR HAPPY DOGS. iF YOU CAN'T WALK MAYBE A DRIVE. i HAD TO GET BLOOD DRAWN THE  other day, so i stopped at a drive thru afterward, had a tasty light breakfast. The colleges are c and one of our local community colleges has a beautiful rose garden they take great pride in. I stopped there and  awed over the beautiful roses and listened to all the birfd singing and flying around. 

But the most important thing that helps me whenever I am troubled about anything is my faith.I have faced many dark and treeacherous things in my life, and it never fails me, never has, never will.


If you have friends and family , neighbors, call, video chat etc. Best of luck to you.One day things will be better, keep your eye on that.

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

You've gotten some excellent suggestions. 


While I don't live alone and have DH here with me I find myself waking up everyday in a bad mood.  I get lonely and depressed.  I'm fortunate to have DH but never being able to see my kids or friends is very hard and stressful for me.


Plus I worry about the future...when will this be over?...what will our world be like when it is?  We all need something positive or even fun to look forward to!


My son thinks he has it and has teleconferenced with two doctors and will do so with another on Monday.  He hasn't been tested but has what he believes is Covid toes....I'm very worried. 


He lives in the city and sold his car a year ago since he either walks or takes Uber everywhere and felt a car wasn't necessary...well he can't anymore.  People have asked him about getting tested but if your feet hurt, you don't have a car, it's not safe to take Uber or ask a friend to drive you how is one to get tested?  Sorry if I'm getting sidetracked here...but this has been heavily on my mind the last few days.


So what I try to do each day to get through all of this is to do something ...even if it is something small each day.  I've cleaned out drawers, cabinets & closets. 


I'm currently working on the basement (moving in slow motion on this since  it's not fun) and when that is finished will organize photos.  I also plan on getting photos online to make a digital album of a family trip we took in 2014.


Moving and exercise (or a walk), music, meditation, movies, talking with family & friends or a project or new hobby can all help.



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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

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Get a hobby you can do at home, alone.


I am a bird watcher./feeder . I am never alone ,even in my own backyard. Get some books so you can identify the birds that come into your yard or to your feeder.


Today I was visited by Mr and Mrs Robinson,  old Jim crow, my friend ,Squirrely,old Mr  Hawkeye,and many many more! .......oh,the Greenies where here too......(not that I like them much)


.Some  days they entertain me with a lovely concert........



Facebook is good for gabbing with others if you are lonely.............(like these Q boards)

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

I'm watching a lot less news.



i don't think that it's psychologically healthy to be consumed by being obsessed over learning every little nuance about this virus.



This self isolation isn't good for those who battle with depression and anxiety.



i have been watching a lot of marathons on tv, such as "North Woods Law", and "Deadliest Catch" .

The Sky looks different when you have someone you love up there.
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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

I live alone except with a 17 year old cat who doesn't act his age. I try not to look at the number of days that might be involved. I just focus on one day and getting through it. I set a goal or two of things to do around the house.


I watch a lot of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime and just the news highlights except for our governor's daily news briefings. I was never a fan of his but I have to admit that he really is handling the situation well and is listening to his experts that he always has on hand during the briefings.


My closest famiily is over an hour away and I rarely see my neighbors as they are not the visiting type. i post everyday on FB so that people know that this senior citizen of 78 years is still functioning. I text family and close friends miles away morning and at night to let them know I am ok. If I am later than usual, then they touch base first. None of us are the skyping type.


I have left the house three times since March 13 to go to the city and get a month's supply of groceries and for an MRI to confirm torn muscles in the rotator cuff. I get out of the housew and walk around it to get some fresh air...and I read the forums. 


I am waiting for the elective surgeries to open so the orthopaedic surgeon can meet with me and determine the best course of action for my rotator cuff.

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

Reading a lot, ebooks and audio books from online 


Binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Limiting my news to Gov. Cuomo briefing ( I'm in NYC).

Listening to music.