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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

@Chicagosuburbangirl wrote:

Firstly, very sorry that you are struggling.


I myself have a fear of loneliness, not suggesting you do.


My dear mother-in-law helped me through an immensely difficult time by suggesting that I keep busy and try to help someone more in need than myself.


This was excellent advice, but putting it into practice right now will require extra planning.


Could you possibly check on neighbors for wellness or grocery shopping, providing it is safe for you to do so? Keeping social distancing and masking, etc while doing so may help you focus less on your thoughts.


If these options are not possible, meditation, prayer, exercise, learning a new talent or language might keep you occupied.


Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way.



Chicgosuburbangirl - You mentioned some excellent suggestions.


We have been "looking out" for our older neighbors. Our one neighbor is 86 and broke his hip several years ago. My husband has been mowing his lawn and I pull weeds from his yard everyday. Later today we are buying flowers to plant around the front of his house. Our other neighbor has a lawn service so we do her trash and odds and ends.


Plus we are working on our own lawn and yard. 


Everytime we order meals, we buy an extra meal for our neighbor. And check to see if he needs anything at the grocery.


Walking the dog has become an every 1/2 hour event. The dog loves to be outside, so we seem to be spending lots of time outside. And we take a walk in the park several times a week, sometimes everyday.


We really have kept busy. And our flower beds and yard has never looked better.





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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

@goldensrbest wrote:

If not for my dogs ,i have two i think i would be in bad shape mentally, i have had depression for many years.

My little lhasa saves me every day. What's depressing is watching the endless news - and their aim to shock all of us. The media loves catastrophes. Fortunately, I love staying home and my life is easier now than it has been in the past.

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Re: How are you getting through this if you live alone

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