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Betteb was kind enough to help me view my posts--all of them in chronological order.  Here are the steps:

1. Sign in

2. Click on the box that says "Community" at top right of page

3. Click on "users"

4. Enter your user name in the "search forums & Blogs" box at left of "users" box

5. Click on "GO" in the red box

6. In your profile click on the talk bubble stating your number of posts

7.  You should then see all your posts in chronological order.


Of course, this is very easy and user friendly (NOT).  If it weren't for Betteb, I wouldn't have been able to figure this out--EVER.  I thought I'd post it again every now and then so that others might benefit.

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Awww shucksBlushing.gif Good idea to repost it Fortune. Every little bit helps I think.

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Thanks so much Betteb!!  You're the best!!!!! 

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Fortune, Thanks so much for posting this. I hope everyone sees it. Why couldn't our helpful monitors have given us this information? Too busy playing gotcha?
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Yes thanks for telling us how to find this as I was becoming frustrated by the fact that you cannot find your own posts under your own name at the top of the page. I would like to see them put all of our own posts under our avatar/name. Isn't that where you find all of your old stuff on hsn? 

This would be muuuch easier. 

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