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WenGirl42:  Thank you so much!  I have no idea how you found that link, so I put it in my favorites and will use it that way until I figure it out.


As far as "new message",  I am now clicked into this thread and I cannot see the "new message".  What am I missing? 


I am so happy that you girls have been here to help out the not so tech gals!!

You're welcome!  I'm glad it worked Smiley Happy 


From within a thread, you can!'t post a "New Message" either.  You should have a box in that spot that says "Reply" though, so you can reply to the OP and not to a specific reply to the OP.  But if you go to any of the forum or blog pages (like I said, try clicking "Community Chat" in the left-hand menu...or "Among Friends," or any of the other choices!), you should have the "New Message" box available.  It will only appear where it is possible for you to post a new message from, if that makes sense Smiley Wink

 Thank you again, WenGirl42.  It worked!   I appreciate your time on this.  It will certainly make my life easier!! LOL


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