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Re: How Can You Forget?

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It certainly is heartbreaking and unfortunate, but it happens.  There are reminder devices now that will alert the driver.  IMO, everyone who may have babies and toddlers in their car should have one and know how to use it.




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Gosh, it makes me so proud to be living in such an advanced society with ever-changing technological devices that we now even find the need for a "reminder alert"  so that one doesn't forget that they have a baby/toddler in the car.


We really have come a long way....can't wait to see what else the future has in store for us?   😞



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Re: There is absolutely no excuse to leave a child in the car...

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There is absolutely no excuse to leave a child in the car. Are people brain dead!!! If you forget a child in your car, you should be locked up for life. You must realize the child left in a hot car is cooked on the inside. What type of human being(I use that term loosely) says "Oops I forgot my child", no one I know or would even want in my circle. Why do we keep making excuses for bad people!! When you have to leave items in the backseat of your car to remind you your child is there, you shouldn't be a parent or foster parent or guardian. You kill a child and are excused for your lack of memory!!! This makes me ill.

@elated While I can appreciate your passion, I am not sure they should be locked up for life.  This was being distracted, not unlike making a bad or unlawful move while driving and killing a driver in another car. This mom will never ever forgive herself.

Being distracted is that what you think should be forgiven!!! Honestly, I can't belive you don't realize the pain and agony the child was in waiting to be remembered!! She took a child's life now it is her turn to give up hers. 

@elated Of course I feel for the child.  I have no doubt that it was awful.  But this was not an intentional act on the part of the Mom.  It was a mistake with a horrible outcome.  This Mom would not be considered a danger to society.  As I stated, she will never forgive herself.  If she has any other foster children, they should be removed from her care.  I am sure there are other appropriate repercussions.  I have not heard of any other case where the party at fault was put in jail.  Maybe there are some that I have not heard of. 

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Re: How Can You Forget?

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This so sad.  I have forgotten many things in my car, but never my children.


One time my husband and I went to West Virginia for a little weekend get away.  We stopped at a market nearby where we were staying and parked next to a car that had a baby in the car seat in the back.  It was winter time and the child was wearing a snowsuit type of covering and appeared to be sleeping.


We both looked into the windows not believing what we were seeing.  We were there for about 10 minutes and no parent came back to the car.


Just as my husband picked up his cell phone to call the police, an older lady came to the car with her shopping cart filled with groceries.


My husband and I confronted her for leaving a baby all alone and she started laughing.


Finally she stated that the child was a life-like doll.  She opened the door and let us take a closer look. That doll looked 100% real even close up.


My husband told her we almost called the police and she said, the police have been called before.  She also said her car window was broken by people to get the baby out.


 She loved the attention.. What a wacko!  She told us about the wardrobe she purchased for her baby....she dressed the baby for the weather all year around.


My husband told her to take the "baby" into the store next time or cover it up so people wouldn't make the mistake thinking it was real...she just laughed and she wouldn't be doing that.


Honestly, if hindsight was 20/20, I would have broken into her car and  stole that doll.



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I cannot fathom a parent forgetting they have a child in the car.   What's even more sickening is putting a a phone on the back seat, because heaven forbid you would NEVER forget that.    No excuses are acceptable...

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I worked with someone who always had foster children. One day our manager asked her why she had them since she and her husband both worked at the hospital. Her answer, "So we have someone to babysit our daughters so we can go out and the money is good." Made me sick.

And yes I know there are many good foster parents out there but there are also many who are not. 

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DH and I watch The Weather Channel every morning.  According to them so far 5 children have died in cars that got too hot and it's not even summer yet.  I don't think the person responsible should go to prison for life but there should be a significant punishment.  We don't really hear about what happens to the person responsible.



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I carry a hammer in my car. To date I have not had to use it, but I would absolutely do so.

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They certainly should be charged; also, she should not be allowed to foster children or animals.

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Re: How Could You Forget?

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"Since 1990, at least 146 parents and caretakers have been convicted on charges ranging from murder to negligence in heat stroke fatalities after apparently forgetting their child was in the vehicle, according to Kids and Cars."
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I'll bet she didn't forget her cell phone !