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Re: How Are Students with Special Needs being Educated?

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       My DD and I were just talking about this issue.  She is a speech therapist.  She, too, was to do her job without one on one/face to face connection.  Computers may not be enough.

      Her kids are not just speech impaired, but many have combined special needs.  She will be relying greatly on the parents' assistance and that will be a 'hit or miss'. Her school district speech dept was still trying to figure out the 'online' speech therapy procedure.

I am also a speech/language pathologist.  I mostly evaluate preschool students to determine if they are eligible for special education services but during this crisis I will be providing therapy services through telepractice for other SLPs who need help providing telepractice for all the students on their caseload.  I have spent the last few days learning the Zoom platform and different ways to provide telepractice.  I can imagine that it will not be easy to serve every student but I am confident that we will still be able to address IEP goals. 

I realize that speech teachers are especially experiencing challenges at this time.  I spoke to a few who said they could lose their licenses if they tried to do teletherapy since they aren't certified to do that.  So, instead they've sent home packets and are posting tips to their websites for parents to practice with kids at home.  They said they wouldn't be surprised if they're told to be told to come in during the summer to provide therapy for those students.