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I live in a condominium now and when someone new moves in on our floor, my husband bakes a pound cake.
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@occasionalrain wrote:

Years ago there was an organization called, Welcome Wagon. I think it was a non-profit extension of city council, but I may be wrong about that. They would deliver a welcome basket that included coupons, gifts from local businesses, and a booklet of helpful information to new residents. I don't know if it still exists.


@occasionalrain  the Post Office does it minus the basket. Bunch of coupons, local and  on line stores and places to shop and restaurants.

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I don't live in a neighborhood now but the one I moved from, it was a neighborhood tradition that one of us went over to officially welcome them and bring some cookies, and the neighborhood list of residents , info about the pool and ages of the kids so they'd have an idea of possible playmates. I'd never stay long, just a quick hello.

I guess to play it safe, you could buy a snack that is a local favorite in case they don't want something from a personal kitchen. 


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Nowadays, a welcome or housewarming gift seems to make the recipient feel obligated to reciprocate. I would wave or introduce yourself and leave it at that. They will let you know if they wish to get chummy.