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I called Honeybaked last week and was told they are shipped frozen.  Customer service there told me that.

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QVC may not want it back, but that's not the buyer's problem.  I wouldn't want it in my trash for several days.  I would absolutely refuse the package!


I never understand why some posters put more weight on what QVC says it wants than what is reasonable from the customer's perspective.

@bluetail fly.  Is it such an effort to dump the darn ham in the garbage can?  We're talking about a climate that's cold.  It won't hurt your pristine garbage can.


Apologies.  On second thought after reading your post, I realize that I momentarily forgot that I am but a customer and should never question a corporation in business for profit..


Yes, far far better that the smell of rotting meat draws racoons and o'possums to my erstwhile pristine garbage can.


I should immediately return to my lowly status as a consumer, never daring to question shipping practices that leave items in process for days, leave other items sitting in a post office 35 miles from me for up to ten days,  and deliver rotting meat to my door.


On third thought, yes, I would absolutely refuse the package.

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Freezing the ham will change the texture...have never seen them freeze the hams, just ship in insulated cold styrofoam.

@lovesrecess.  I've often frozen ham and never noticed any change in texture.  I think you have it confused with cheese.  Honey Baked Ham would not freeze the if it damaged the product.


Yeah, I've never ordered from this company but I have purchased MANY a KC ham over the years and they are always frozen.  Not even any degradation at all from that.  In fact, after I do my glaze (I do my own and toss the glaze packet), heat it up, etc, I pack a bunch of slices into vac-sealing bags, vac-seal them, and back in the freezer it goes.   It's always good and I'm an extremely picky eater.  Smiley Happy

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I am in California, Northern area.  I dont eat meat, but I have a granddaughter to loved honeybaked hams omg, she wats all year.  So of course i ordered for her.  I opted for 19 delivery   They emailed me night before, said it shipped from Anaheim, down south  i received mext day, on the 19th frozen, and ice packs still hard  


i also had a delivery from Katz delicessan in New York Friday.  The emailedus about the storm, they said they upped all delivery to overnight   It wasthere on doorstep asexpected  ice frozen  i ordered some katkes, chicken soup and  acouple babkas and lox.   All was great.  They did mention theirstuff is packedto last 3 days safely in warm weather


honey baked ham shoukd replacethe ham.  But ifit is still cold it shoukd beokay.  Ham is cured to last a while.  Plus all te sugar.    They do freeze it, mine was frozen hard still.  And ten the thawing   Unless you arein southern california where weather is warmer lately i would think it woukd be okay.l  i would have calledhoney baked a few days ago and hadtem send a new one   There is still time to overnight