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I have received many bottles of home made wine from friends who do it as a hobby. I very much appreciate the gift and its thoughtfulness, and I do enjoy red and white wine, but I just don't like the homemade wine kind. Now I've got so many bottles of the stuff from different friends and don't know what to do with it.

One friend gave me a bottle which I put in my wine cubby built into my cupboards and the darn thing opened in the middle of the night and sprayed my whole kitchen. A couple of years later they gave me another bottle which I didn't even have time to put away yet and it exploded again all over the island. They couldn't believe it because they said it had never happened to them.

Now the holidays have come and gone and different friends have stocked me up again. The hard part is they always want to know what I thought of it, but I never open them and are sitting in my basement. So I'm thinking the best course is to open the bottle, try a sip, say I enjoyed it and give them back the bottle.

What do you think about homemade wine in general. Not the gifting part of it, but whether you enjoy it or not.